✰ASMR✰ Lesley | A Bloody Christening // Dagger in the Dark

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  • [ – ] dantesinporno reply I do so enjoy it when you and Cass let the monster off the leash. This is delightfully twisted, Indigo.
  • ThePieceofEden reply Gotta love crazy girls and besides Alicia, No one is crazier than Lesley
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply That tapping with the hums make it pretty eerie. Like how this channel is different and creative in it's own way.
  • [ – ] nadiacaskeasmr reply This is the best videos 😘
  • JasonE5 reply You're absolutely killing it with Dagger in the Dark! For some reason my mind's eye kept flashing to that amusement park background :D.
  • SpookyBoyPrime reply "Lesley has no better other...in the arts of making me stutter. My heart beats fast and goes all a flutter...when Lesley brandishes a freshly sharpened cutter. The first cut is like a hot knife through butter...but then it hits bone and I'm all a shudder. An artist both on and off the stage... Lesleys blood letting rituals are all the rage. I cannot wait to stitch and sow, so that we can have...another...go...😈💀". Cool video Indigo, thank you 👏👍😀.
  • elevedescience reply Twisted... On both sides. What an interesting video. And very unsettling also. It truly illustrate the horror of WoD. The humming was also haunting. I am sure I heard this tune before. In one of your older videos I believe. But I can't remember which one. Thank you for this video. I appreciated your interpretation of this horrifying situation. Be sure I'll watch another of your video before falling asleep though ;-) You have so much talent for creating diverse type of ASMR videos, from scary to soothing and still keeping your creations convincing and cathartic.
  • CrazyKrys reply 0_0) this is disturbing especially for me
  • FidanAliyeva reply Dear Lisa, though Chris disappointed you by getting pleasure from all what you've done to him, I assure you that what you did was an absolute👑MASTERPIECE👑 Loved the video! Brilliantly acted as always! & your voice, My Darling!.. owww myyyy!.. so much flame, passion, pleasure & tingles in it!..🔥👄🔥 Thank you so much for another GREAT work! Hope you're doing fine & that your vacation is going well🤗😘 💋LOVE YOU!💋
  • AlucardTepes reply You are such a great actress. This was so creepy yet awesome at the same time. Amazing job! 😊
  • rustynail reply Lesley and an average IndigoStars subscriber
  • SmoothRiverrock reply I hope Lesley's next masterpiece will have enough writhing and terror to please her. Very sad to see her artistic desires quelled like that. 💗
  • maxdog874 reply Cool stuff
  • maxdog874 reply Nice axe
  • Emodude_911 reply Looks like Alicia has some competition on who's more out there. I love them both though. Loving the series as well. Keep it up! <3
  • DarkGear353 reply That. Was. Awesome. Totally worth watching. Thank you so much Indigo 🙂 so much fun seeing Lesley again...AND figure out what happened to the ghoul 😋
  • DarkVisonASMR reply Well, that was a bloody good time! Hah! Anyway, I had a thought, if you couldn`t find time to film the tab report, or honestly just didn`t want to while you`re on vacay, maybe you could save up the tab numbers and have one video for the whole month of August when you get back.
  • vampireking1229 reply Awesome Lesley video Lisa
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