United Airlines is Fascist (Interview)

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  • [ – ] SMisanthrope reply I had to for this story, it was too crazy! Thanks for watching (and tipping :D). Like my edits? It was more fun and easier than I thought it would be.
    • Nathan55 parent reply Yup! You're videos continue to improve! Keep at it! Thank you for taking this on, too. Having a community of loud and reasonable voices in the cultural conversation is something the human race has been lacking for far too long. I like donating through Vid.me because it's impulsive, it's easy, it's based on specific content, and it supports the content creator 95% and Vid.me 5% which is a fantastic split of my donation. I find giving money to Vid.me is a big FU to YouTube. Stefan Molyneux has historically asked for $0.50 a podcast. That translates to $1 per video here. I'll do the same for you. Don't be shy about putting in a quick tag at the end of your videos asking for support. Is righteous, not obnoxious :)
  • Nathan55 reply Wasn't expecting you to conduct interviews so early on. Nice. $tip tip tip
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