Dennis Miller Commits Sam Seder-cide (A Tribute)

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  • [ – ] snatch219 reply The hair makes all the difference. I'm pretty sure Burt Reynolds would like to borrow it when you're done.
  • UlricKessler reply Your fetish is intriguing to me. Show me more. It also arouses me. SHOW ME MORE.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Jerry Seinfeld will always be funnier than Sam Seder, and both Adam Corolla and Joe Rogan from The Man Show will always be more poignant than Jon Stewart (great actor, but a partisan hack) and Trevor Noah.
  • insaneonthemembrane reply Still better than an afro , they look like they've been electrocuted or touching a Van de Graaff generator, fuck i'm jealous i'm bald but when coloureds go bald it's the same colour so you can only tell when it shines in bright light.
  • Angry-Quad reply Criticism should only come from equals.... YOU ARE THE NEXT DENNIS MILLER!!!
  • The-Deplorable-Man reply So when is Terren Gell gonna stop posting shiting out Smite Gameplay?
  • Unhipalmond360 reply Love this video. Dennis Miller is awesome. I wish he was still doing MNF I loved listening to his commentary. Unfortunately not many people appreciated his type of humor and insight.
  • pjalmighty42 reply Uh...Don't go full-retard bro...You NEVER go full retard....Bad things happens when people go full retard...
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