Milling Wheat Premiums Skyrocket Across the Planet | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (276)

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply Say are there any intelligent people that will build huge underground robotic green houses by the thousands so North America can profit of this coming world disaster, or are you going to just eat each other?
  • Star_Wars6collector reply I enjoyed your video
  • Star_Wars6collector reply who cares there is Soylant Green ;) and there is no such thing as an ice age, but I can tell you there is a major Polar Shift, so sit back and enjoy and buy your food from south America, that side of the world is toast, the magnetic poles are moving towards Russia to reset in Mongolia, so by 2022 march 20 or 23 for 12 hours we will have our Polar Shift, 23.5 degree, this is the 18,000 year cycle, I predicted this years back, like 2006 and I am not worried about it, I dont live on the coast line,
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