Disappointed in the ticks and the non-smoking bars that still have smoking

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  • GeorgeMcGee reply Don't let them dang tics run your life! I have found 2 things make up the best strategy. Watch where your walking. Don't get into the tall grass. Don't sit on anything! Don't have lose cloth like a shirt that got too hot so you tie it around yourself. Roll it and stow it. And 2, Bring a lint roller. Tics stick to it if you roll it over every inch of yourself. Taping your ankles is good as they tend to arrive on your legs and make for your waist. When you get home, have bright lights and mirrors to let you self inspect. And if you get one, it's best to let a Dr. get it out, but if you must, just pull it from deep in with small plyers. It damages you. Dr.s are best. And on smoking. Society changed in a radical way when we stopped smoking indoors. We smoked everywhere. Stores, planes, I even remember a Dr. smoking when I went in for an appointment. Really right inside the freakin hospital! So they are rebelling against this and they probably have a law that if your not serving food, you...more can have smoking. As a smoker, I can say that we are forced out into the street to smoke everywhere now and it does make you feel ostracized and that's bound to make some resentful. Yeah! Yet another oppressed class! But what you need is a karaoke place that always serves food. They won't smoke there. But out in the country, drink and smoke go hand in hand.
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