Prewrote off beat /followed by freestyle on point

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  • [ – ] scottyb9053 reply ps slim- i am way fucking better than this video. i give myself a c-. no homo.
  • scottyb9053 reply I'm on ya screens straight unregistered vet wit da site comin at you vexin all of your reps since birth I've been blessed with curses and deaths my own stress is a guess and I'm layin it to fuckin rest drill ya fuckin best ego pushin out the next dip a right n left wing got no need for color schemes born a king and never sing unless I'm drippin a queen naturally I lean in between the game welcomin myself into my hall of fame n it's a shame all the pain endured for me to be keepin it sane so I steady aim blaze a tree think of me and I'm free welcome to the destiny that was left for thee ....Scotty B. ...and no....I'm On sway all day no need for the AM till I get through the haze .... young prince in a hurricane blasted with change stole my Riches where's my bitches why the fuck my dick ain't slane if I am human in this show why the fuck am I tamed guess I'm Truman in this show so les gitty up and fuckin go world jokers of hip hop flow in start pr...moreovin' who's losin cuz I'm choosin straight ruthless immature and nonviolently prudent why lose its time to prove it I'm lucid when I rip blunts straight funny how mac rippin em for passion i rip em for blood money lookin for an ax swinging for gas accidentally lit the match shouting at armies at war with commies swarmin socialistic blondies with fake ass poems of pussylosiphy I'm droppin B Scott Thomas prime optimistic is my mind lifted, my mania takes my reach to enemy heat in my sleep peelin out of a monopoly no stopping B thugged outta the game for property who's stoppin ME maybe you cuz I don't got the heat but my beats hit with discreetness i accomplish it with no accomplice kid they tryin to rip quick at the first round first pick that's why they lickity split wanna be in shoes they can't touch lace fit or equip the new big 3 me myself and me lit. this means that's fuckin it , ain't no way your team wins just showin up n weighin in lookin ready for that title fight flexin like ya super man well I'm ya fuckin cryptonite fuck around I'll put ya down burry you in ya crypt tonight.............. I been putting stiches 2 snitches chasing riches and fuckin bitches since before you was riding a 🚴bike. The sirens are howlin the ancients are growlin I'm feelin the crowd n it feels like stallions this rising battalion with screams of a battle so shout for the doors and stand on my porch..... don't let the doormat hit're welcome , that's a rap lets battle I'm back pickin up all that slack what they lyrically lack and sendin it back shoot darts from a trap queen follow my path I'd rather sin n relax in my fortress of SQUALLitude snowman can't bother dude over my confi-news feed me a valluuum rattled him... serpent blood druggin the Vaticans dragon-kin lion in a dragon den I mustve saddled up and out again laughin to win and tie it up and throw it out who the fuck is this kid now Scotty Ketchum got them master balls of caged rage but can he fuckin rhyme dude in my sleep all da time through portals of legends and always do it in my mind DUDE.... with thoughts of Armageddon but can he rap who really gets him now ha more laughs from the middle row tippy toe along your social media borders of sneaky hos highway to the danger zone my aim is zoned my cover blown my riches torn the only clown in this game ready to carry on a fuckin torch for this is the north......west just Belieber in ur self yourself do your best Rest In Peace when ya babies go to sleep no blood sheD how is this not written in our heads take it for the team swing swing goes the bat crash blah blah blah relapse.... cuz I can rip it off the map. If you are super man I'm prolly like a bat , man or something similar to nocturnal and blinded eternal sound unleashin the hounds that's pullin at gowns of kings almost drowned with visions of rounds with rocky 3 stop me and guarantee prophecy lost at sea with a lighthouse similar to the ring nightmare of a dream of losing my spot so I'm coachin em off as I'm watchin them fly I'm feelin your cross, but I feel like atlas has a tougher fuckin job! 😂 with Mother Earth always bitchin bout the free ride I see why these kings fly from queen county heads up for bounty cuz I'm a half wit with loose lips who seems fit. yet un aimed. And get slapped with a colinkaeperdick giz rag ha. I get it now blah...Practice are pigs you are funny. Rhymes chillin on the back burner BBQ on the porch monkeys I'm slow cookin the beans ain't gunna see me eat for a minute still tech Nina told me rip em apart with your victimless art with krizz and his heart who gave me a spark then I told biggie fuuuaaarrrrkkkk strange relation.....shit!!! The 2pac arose in my scars I'm screaming these bars at demons who pray WILL they understand ours!!!...little green riding hood rides again with the purple dildo of go fuck yourselves 🏹🏄🏿......I'll finish it later....saga of the baby slims eyes wide shut but bitch your damn Near crossed prolly fixed up at birth to be given a pointed cross . The three monkeys even seen better I hear ya feel I do evil but fuck rippin ya clothes up slut Just showed up to bust On ya toe then step ho fuckin ho ho ho weather Makin it snow lust no presence of doe but i got nuts haha... thinkin your angel born bitch your are fuckin disformed never seen a unicorn with two horns a dime you are not but retarded with props your new course is introduce your king to the north....west she left so I'll show them my best philosophy of dragon cock ain't no stoppin the contradictators shot!....slut you are an inbred with a body. Stop! Go love your sand. Man N time youll understand. No timin for sirens when cryin for demons of legends just guessin whos testin the prodigys best let's see....... to much on me should we need us a referencing? ....ok ...great...I'm Jordan foul waters I'm soarin great rivers a miracle spiritual eat em for lunch like I spar with him givin a fuck about guns no sense borrowing Weapon my tongues pull triggers for fun n shit well Im already dead Mind shifted to dread as I judge all the gods for giving me odds then sending me Loki and playing these jokes on Me, they laugh with me now but I know all their doubt surrounded by kingdoms just jealous of talent they judgin my balance destined to ride stallions! Dragon born. 🤗🔥🎤🔥😊. Call me Komodo. I dunno I just woke up Tho . So show me the hose I'll show em a show and make it rain all my pro teens of age n give em a page like sign this girl k. great 👍 I'm Loathin the day to rip open the cage I swallowed the lock and I'm sittin for play defining my rage n sightin' the hate they come with a price I'm leavin un praised a prince with the dice keep poppin up snakes so should we just ride together lets rage I'm limitless if i am pen to this page I turn them all day the words that I say I'm callin on shooters need stars that are movers I'm shakin recruiters with Blounts and computers since we have created the future for stars to align and shine the signs of the time travel through time just tryin to grind with your eyes that are lying the power is hiding My ancestors call like angels of lightning I'm frightened enlightened and spiritually titan'd for light in this world reciting retirement....oh wait did they need some more rhymes from him....recovery......encores I'll be linin in divided if curtains call sideways thats vengeance I'm callin out rabbit to get to you savage hard to fake like your damaged within ....but I'm still hittin ya chin ..shoryuken... .my speed is no question my timin who's guessin like I said my blessin closed off from the curtains still startin the limit just markin these women rappin to fail n prove a sin so how ya been since last I saw sorry if it was your hollow name cuz i know to many games I will slay them all the same just waiting for someone to aim not a breath and not a claim from anyone that I can't hang sooooo fuck it lets go 🏌. They roar at me tho with a warriors code so the wars gotta go I place wards on their souls and rip them through holes as black as the X chartin treasure for vets I will be the next to take over your sets and ravage the reps who ravaged my neck ....pirates!....lookin for booty these cuties should be set to pursue me what Duty do you think you have truly than callin my point n breakin like schwayze I'm takin that Lady and smokin ya joints so make me a point and tell me to battle if it's needed I'll try.... but I'm sick of the lie of angels I tried to make it alright this is stupid. Battling Cupid but smelling so putrid i think maybe the baby of rap just blew his...... chunks......shucks. 😢😱😢. ..........🤡....................... yep it's set to hit ya fix ya with that new prescription set to do all my predictions put an end to their convictions I'm gettin skinny then I'm dippin all wide lenses when I'm snipin' with this lightnin young Thor rollin callin for some titans never gunna stop the fight in Thomas squared up to keep a promise if the mania has lied to me I'll find a way to lions feasts no matter if theirs strings attached young lion came to fuckin dance shake ya cook ya book ya into a recipe for the biography of Scotty b dippin out the factory the front door a fact for me is I sit bored with all my angels talkin bout the board of my games it's a shame that I'm rippin fuckin aimed at the insane I'm sorry did I say your name to many times in the dark shady this my homie em ya man i pretend we're best friends is that a sin they tell me it sick see I've been in denial of my upset sins causing confessionals to legends YO but I would not call this obsession tho more like a reverse lesson i gotta choose my clock is ticking so rap gods I DO take my hand this is my written rebellion summon all those demons from hell then , But fact that analyze this these hos gettin lit when I .send em my little gif always alone my studios goin where I live my home is where the heart is and I know truth so where all my fuckin homies at and what'd they do with my booth it's time for proof I am losin it surrounded by country flunkies and junkies all I am is just a monkey or do my words mean something I love the heart games they play in Nashville but I aint picking up a cowboys bill cuz she will if I got my cowboy hat still obvious I came to rip em up n toss em in the attic to chill still got me pleadin friends to believe in those jokes believe in love n go easy on the quotes no jokes I'm twisted straight angels uplifted my addiction did ya think it was quotes no ....jokes.... it was notes.... I like to rip em up n bounce em off quotes now that was a bar and that is a I am really gettin tricky whisper diamonds in ya ear like Griffey juniors swingin swiftly already joggin home before they all pleaded guilty get it no juice a natural like poop in baby diapers....playing Russian roulette wit these nuts that's six to the dicks cuz fuck these sluts I'll ziptrip to the next rip I'd rather be a glitch then a virus but call me Cypher if neo need to cuz I have lost my iris and I bleed through Oracles got me willing these rabbits through dramas of the matrix frontin as an action tho its a comedy show Scott.O I could sell out shows while endorsing my soul just like the one lookin to shine earth leanin on my fuckin mind hittin space portals isn't somethin I had in mine lookin at space time continuums tryin to find my past to many blasts to the upper deck got me feeling pushed out of my legacy like bonds I'm tryin to diversify I hope that juice didn't lie I spilled the red and blue pill I'm stickin to green call me Morpheus baby the white rabbit was me you can't lead what you can't see that's why these rhymes are free before they even droppin the baby gap joker of rap has prewrittin the facts Wearin out a hand me down bat suit with a screw loose no room for superboy in a town scared of clowns so Im shiftin my focus frozen witches swarm me like locust n hocus pocus'd my flow this is a ghost story from hell we all know I'm lookin for the reason all my people are leaving disease is spread in the seasons and I'm runnin outta reasons to change this diagnoses of the moronically and bionically insane............😜 I guess call me King 👑 Casper ghosted out of the scene got my brothers jealous of my queen but still swingin free even if I'm swingin at me steady duckin the double dares of my brethren I've got questions for legend double edged royal jester up for selection this rounds tables missing a weapon so did I have a suggestion so kind of you bitches to not ask maybe sign the fuckin kid this is not a huge task ok back to the god map what does sin say cuz sensai don't say shit so if I'm the hit then I'm the heat and I'm a speed bag bitch returnin quick cuz I'm as crazy as they come born again in my mind feeling like a test tube baby dragonia played me stealin my birth stone cursed the game of thrones left me to walk the earth alone n stoned wiring brain on spin ballad of a dead prophet born to sin 2pac warned hip hop of the end amend the war within or this flow is gunna take over our prodigal soldiers and we will never rainy day I started rappin summon'd Ragnarok and got a fuckin Kraken this ain't happenin if Odins slackin no worries I'll be laughin at the wind blow me off I'll shoot a fuckin grin 🙏 amen..🤔 ........ but I win! does that mean sin is back in got a devil within me and he's shakin the cage I pray to god but the silence is all to say I could run away in hopes of better days and I'm believin that dream of lighting up their gps a billion blips on the map double shifted my clutch handled these glitches still scars remember bein stitches cemented with dementia from warlocks and witches crossed vision when my enemies are lost in my image pleadin the fifth on the line of scrimmage no audible intended monster city when the beasts in town monstrosities compete for crowns but I will have the key to town even if my motormouth gets a ticket I'll still rip lucid like liquid as my glass is drippin ridicules from the ridiculous cuz I was born to flip this cup even if it's full could give a fuck throw it down or throw it up no question like 3 the answer is me get the foul and bleed out while I drain one for free joggin back to D where I was meant to be......dear Odin your bastard Loki has stolen the chosen Freyas soul has frozen but Thor is still holdin Rollin thunder on patriot hearts stormin a patriarch and fuckin this matriarch vampiric imperials dictatin the spiritual drought linin up a king of kings miracle with the spirit pulled out as they've adopted times conflict guardians to clocks tick puttin me on the watch list nothin micro bout this dudes chip on my shoulder like atlas on his knees I'm empathetic to the street I wasn't raised in that heat I was born under the sheets but rest assured Ive felt the devil when it creeps no deliverance claimin my innocence To a sixth sensed beast unleashed my leak sponsored by my own attack I am the static in the back drop moody boy white noise on your reception lookin for that election with no second guessin who's the next in flight risk But the top fight to pick in this picture I figure underdog no chips bet quuicker then cuttin up this enemy feast lookin to harvest these trees with devils sittin on leaves I have no mind for the speech time to eat deep fried snake some apple pie if you please rap gods flow shifted this comet and i kamikazeed it as if life goes on after I conned em with the cause of this got my hip hop starter kit I stole it from a shady kid. Ladies night and I'm checkin for attendance dime bitch on my hip I just gotta let a ten dance burnin up this oil quick you would think I was the tin man so I welcome u to oz yep the wizards got big plans Walkin crip on yellow bricks while I spit gold bars banana clips for winged monkeys Tryna block out my stars represent with the guild but still sick of the riddles Trade them lollipops for uzi's Just recruitin a little....🤔 Dear megaton (aka dizaster) Hip hop might have been created by minorities but I've seen your battles They sound like rhythmless slam poetry you might be able to wear your race and culture on your sleeve to battle a white geek but please understand you can never wear my genes anyway let's conclude the lesson for today on DNA... ...(this is the part where I grab my dick and say........ now bend over so I can stick this D n your A). Welcome to oz prison. You wanna battle me you gotta pay. Sorry disaster ya ass got set up son, by the way tell ya girl it was megafun no worries I kept It classy just gave her megatongue ok I lied hit it twice straight plastered her ....hit it so hard to I diss-assed-her sir. ☝️ Might be the master puppet but I ain't the master of it smoke shifts as these lyrical slugs spray clip after clip reloaded can't quote this only lyrics you got are ones you bought from a true poet cuz my god would never give you this gift the real m-c's know it so pop some More benZos for bars that you take from barbiturates I see you sweatin like a bent ho not enough xanax on the planet I'll still make you hang like the big show grabbin a bitch throat cuz I'm a giant chorus start a riot while my verses on crowd control Snuck into ya camp straight poisonous Hopp see the poise in this bunny just can't be topped not to quote a Dr.'s notes on Ja but you'd have to swing up and jump to even see my jaw ya jaws is comin I know you are the great white but I am the GRAND DRAGON now bitch I'm done rappin this whole game up like it came first class no cash needed it was compt'd from Compton my grandmas home town if you can believe in it my genes is this whiteboy can move because his ancestors middle eastern and Egyptian shit did I let ya secret slip ain't always comin out dark chocolate in my hood can you believe in DNA splits and god Ain't a dick maybe I made it up but maybe it's legit This is all I have ever written in my life other than a separate set of about 16 bars. I have spent 6 hours on it in the last 6 months. Tell the fucking people something they don't know about me. And where's my paycheck for being a young talented American?
  • scottyb9053 reply
  • scottyb9053 reply
  • [ – ] scottyb9053 reply bitch.
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