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  • [ – ] kaishep113 reply Dude for some reason the videos won't play for me
    • [ – ] SuperDan parent reply really......... um I gotta check to make sure ur not the only one thats happening to :( I actually just found a really cool tool the site has. I guess instead of uploading 2 videos I can copy and paste a link to the site andit saves it as a video on this site., So i wont have to upload a video more than 1 time......... pretty neat
      • [ – ] kaishep113 parent reply Nice dude that's pretty sick I'm using the iPhone app so I don't know if it's different for me or what but that's sick you don't have to upload stuff a bunch
        • kaishep113 parent reply I also can't see your new commit I got the notification but it's not letting me see it
        • [ – ] SuperDan parent reply ya it may just be ur phone doesnt have good enough wifi maybe........ The devs are very active here, they have been SOOOO supportive to me helping me out. So ill ask to make sure they are playable and maybe why it wontplay on ur phoneif its an issue with mobile devices
  • [ – ] SuperDan reply I failed the outro :) haha I gotta get use to saying follow instead of like & subscribe like on youtube <3 haha
    • [ – ] SINISTERplayz parent reply The video isn't playing for me got any ideas why that is?
      • SuperDan parent reply maybe refresh? this actually was happening to Kai as well............ I gotta figure out whats going on because i dont want that to happen to people. Im notsure why its happening. Maybe lower the quality?
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