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  • [ – ] DecadesApartProductions reply After listening to your review a 5/10 seems a bit high.
    • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher parent reply Yeah... it's not that bad, but the flaws it has are pretty annoying to the point where I really rag hard on them.
      • DecadesApartProductions parent reply I haven't seen it nor do I plan to. For me there's Alien and Aliens; no mas, no menos. It does sadden me to hear so many people say it's so generic. I suppose Frank Capra was right when he said the cardinal sin is dullness.
  • [ – ] POVincent reply Great review, dude. You really hit all the points. For me, one of the biggest problems (SPOILERS) is the David Twist in the third act. It's so OBVIOUS that he switches places in Walter. It kills the battle with the Xenomorphs. The Xenomorphs don't mean anything to me at that point because David is the real threat, that will turn on them any second. The victories over the aliens are hollow because they don't matter. David is going to get them in the end. Anyway, great work again. Check out my review, I would appreciate your thoughts.
    • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher parent reply Thanks, man! I agree with that point. It was so obvious since they were even showing the shot of David going for the knife. It really couldn't have been more obvious. And because you asked so politely and actually commented, I'll check yours out soon!
  • [ – ] NuclearBadger reply Why would you go to some random planet and not wear ANY kind of protection when you went out? I mean we get shots to save us from stuff like malaria ON EARTH and these scientists think an entire planet doesn't need it because they need aliens to happen somehow. This is why films like this suck so hard, the quality of the script is so lame you can't put yourself in the situation where you think "I would have done something similar because I think I'm smart, but I didn't see this next event happening so I couldn't have prepared for it, now I have to run HOLY SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED". That's what makes for a good amount of terror in a film. When you know the character is doomed and you have no idea how they are gonna get out of the situation, but you really want them to.
    • TheCynicalCypher parent reply Yeah, I remember them getting out of the ship and thinking, "Really? They're not going to wear any kind of protective gear? They're going on a whim and they trust that planet so much that one of those dudes was just poking around and eventually touched the egg spore stuff". I have to suspend far too much belief for this movie to be effective. Thanks for the comment, man!
  • [ – ] Stoonios reply hey just wondering do you just use trailer footage in these or is there a sneaky way you get the movie footage?
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