Parts of GOP Consider Primary Challenge to Trump- My Thoughts

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  • wolfalexzemla reply Dont give the libtards any ideas, they need to be voted back to the stone age
  • [ – ] carsondav04 reply some ex Hollywood elites are wanting to buy twitter just to ban trump
    • MyDingaling parent reply They should; Trump will switch to Gab or some other similar platform and take much of Twatter's traffic. Twatter fails, celebs lose a ton of dough. Win/win!
    • Auceza parent reply They are scam artists after all.
    • Brandon95 parent reply He'll just switch to Gab, Mastodon, or some other decentralized social network.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Naturally... if you cant beat them with reason and logic then just shut it down!!! Thats the state of "progress" these days 😧✌
  • Auceza reply Trump! #maga
  • [ – ] FunkyMunky reply Republicans prove again that the DNC are not the only bad guys
  • Aldebaran519 reply I agree, Rand Paul for me as well if Trump not available.
  • peacey reply The DNC fraud lawsuit was kicked out for improper jurisdiction, while the merits of the case were NOT deemed improper. Reading the case is a stomach turner, and once again many dems are leaving the party knowing the DNC is SO shady that the people's vote has NO impact on who gets "selected". THIS is what helped Trump win. I'm a former Dem who voted for Trump simply because I am more against corruption than against the label Republican. I said early on, I'd rather have an orange clown bring it all crashing down, than more of the same corruption from the establishment. Fortunately, Trump isn't the buffoon they claimed he would be.
  • [ – ] OxAcientOrder reply Trump would be required to sweep the primary or Trump will be taken out. The GOP will take care of the rest. Right now the DNC and the GOP are united "screw the people, Get TRUMP at all costs." They can do that by setting on their hands and not pass anything.
  • mattytripps reply Ya, rand paul is a definite
  • jeff4justice reply Why would anyone stay in the failed 2 party system? @nomore2partysystem
  • Space_Gorilla reply If this is true it will fracture the GOP to the point of no return.
  • ARTPAD reply You're right again!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I love rand paul (no homo) but if trump does a good job id still vote for him over rand. It's a m00t point tho kuz none of the garden variety repubs respect rand paul but he's a damn good republican and would be a great candidate for the libertarian party but problem is in the general it would split the republican vote and youd certainly get a dem so wouldnt get rand or trump. Im still watching and waiting to see what trump does though not going to count chickens b4 they hatch.
  • themadsnowballer reply Conservatives United with Cruz and Kasisch.
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