Nintendo Switch HIDDEN Info On GAMESTOP!!!

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  • duffy reply a regular sherlock holmes. pumped for the switch!
  • GoobGoneWild reply These look pretty sick. I wonder if the screen would be interchangeable at some point. They could have a higher priced screen for more framerate and such?
  • cjallday1130 reply it could all be rumors. Im just waiting for the 12th to come.
  • blahblahLPs reply I'm pretty sure the "interchangeable accessories" are just the components of the whole system. The dock, the slide on controller attachments, etc. Don't think it's anything new that hasn't been confirmed or teased yet.
  • NickelusAllen reply intro song: 20Syl Outgoing Thing
  • AGAaron reply Ah, it will come with BOTH the standard controller for regular & hardcore play & a waggler for the casuals? Would be the best standard setup ever! Developers can make whatever they want without worrying they have to sell another controller if it has waggling/needs some hard buttons.
  • SirBrodacious reply Never been much of a fan of accessories, they tend to over complicate things for me. I'm one of those people who's always looking for my stuff, so I prefer to just keep it simple and have one or two very solid controllers.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply I'm getting a Nintendo Switch next year last 2017, I hope Nintendo brings a variety of colours of the system like they did with the 3DS
  • AllTheCoins reply @KingAveryGames make sure you use hashtags instead of quotes here on for your tags in the description!
  • Stamasian reply This info is super badass. I can see a lot of these accessories being very popular. Now I wonder how the Amibos are going to play into this.
  • AGAaron reply No hype for that Warioware idea? Seems you ignored it or... Have you not played any Warioware?!
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