Manchester Terror Attack And How You Should Feel

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  • lewren reply Yes, there is a right and a wrong. Islam is fucking wrong. You know like killing infidels, genital mutilation, that whole notion of women being worth half that of a man, killing of homosexuals, apostates, jews, keeping sex-slaves, killing people for uttering certain words or drawing a certain "historical" person etc... you know, all that a sane person wouldn't call right.
  • jmaine reply You should feel like a fool if you believe the story told. Nothing more than another staged event perpetrated by the government. You should be outraged that the media, police and politicians are staging drills, claiming they are real, setting up fraudulent charity accounts and enacting ever more laws to invade privacy, restrict liberties and creating fear and division. If you want to know what real terrorists look like just turn on your tv and watch the news you will see many. They are the ones feeding you this propaganda and lying to you.
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