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  • [ – ] Thunderjet reply North America started putting sugar in there tobacco in 1948 and other stuff to taint tobacco. I had a retired scientists tell me that China does not put sugar in your tobacco and the lung cancer rate is super low versus to North Americans who put sugar in their tobacco the burning of the caramel or sugar is the carcinogenic. PS love your Info! Cheers PS refined sugar is evil. God Bless you
    • Markusooi parent reply Your right, also all tobacco is grown with all kinds of pesticides and herbicides making modern tobacco less safe.
    • MaitreMarkScully parent reply Thanks for that, I have heard that the additives in cigarettes are bad, I grow my own but mix it with bought tobacco because my home grown does not burn that well and keeps going out. I do not like ready made cigarettes with filters, I get a 'hangover' feeling the next day if I smoke them.
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply you should eat baked clay or clay tablets to remove the metals from your body
    • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply though I had not heard it removes metals but a quick search and I see you are 100% right!
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I had some type of bacteria water from the lake and it made me very sick, but it did not kill me,
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply I think they bake the clay just enough to kill off bacteria's before you eat it
        • MaitreMarkScully parent reply makes sense. What I have seen (on vids) is the sweet clay is sold damp and eaten like we would a candy bar (I do not think it is very sweet) and the bitter clay is sold dried and then crushed and made into a coffee type drink.
    • MaitreMarkScully parent reply good point! I have heard that people in Africa eat clay like as if they are candybars. Some clay is sweet and some bitter. I have terracotta clay and eat a bit when I make pots.
  • [ – ] Thunderjet reply PS I have to mention that's a beautiful story and advertisement the Best ever.God really blessed your family. I have a similar story goes back to 1917 and that's why I'm still here today cheers and God Bless
    • [ – ] Thunderjet parent reply It was in the Russian Revolution.
      • MaitreMarkScully parent reply My family had a bad result in the Russian Revolution, my great grandfather was the Governor of Tambov province under the Tzar and was killed by a Bolshevik Cossack with a saber in cold blood while his 5 year old son sat next to him, his son, my grandfather hated the Bolsheviks all his life. He was wounded twice fighting in WWII and at the end of the war he was left for dead with shrapnel wounds to his legs and was taken in by a German farming family, they healed him and gave him a horse that he rode 2000 miles into Russia to find his family, found them and then eventually they settled in Tasmania. His WWII story is amazing - Battle of Moscow, Siege of Leningrad, German front lines.
    • MaitreMarkScully parent reply Thank you. 1917, WWI or the Russian Revolution? My Great grandfather lost his life in the Kornilov Revolt (also known as the Tambov Rebellion) 1919-20
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