Fidget Spinners and the CPSC and Facebook news

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  • artifax-enterprises reply Must be a you thing on the 'Science and Technology' thing. I accessed it this morning. Clicked the little test tube icon and got quite a few trending stories.
  • [ – ] artifax-enterprises reply I think a lot of the Flint Michigan shit was a concentrated effort of the bottled water industry to push their product. "If you're in an area where you can't drink the ground water; you'll love Arctic Mountain bottle water!"
    • [ – ] critterbreeds parent reply yeah we couldnt really drink the ground water at our last house being that it was well water and had a sulfury smell and taste. so we ended up buying a crap ton of bottled water lol
      • artifax-enterprises parent reply There has been suspicion for a long time that the bottled water industry is trying to purposely contaminate regular water sources for their own enrichment. Honestly and sadly I can almost believe it
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