Kid Rock Should Seriously Run for the Senate; Here's Why

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  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply Arnold Schwarzenegger is a globalist who would bring us more socialist madness. Imagine the damage Oprah will do if she runs and wins any seat. I would like to see the everyday average Joe run who will help Trump, then go beyond Trump. A hero of the Red Pill generation. A new kind of public servant who wants all our people to have access to the truth about the real world and the realities of history and philosophy. People with their eyes wide open are very hard to enslave. And we need armies of these kind of candidates who can get the old dinosaurs off the ballot, deny them nominations and fill those seats with patriots who at least love American culture and values. People like you, Styx, are helping wake up the masses. Thank you for what you do.
  • [ – ] cornhole01 reply Rural Michigan: Hard and mean
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Lol id prolly vote for kid rock... the only song i ever liked of his was cowwwwboyyy but that song was dope asf tho
  • I3UTM reply So would Sheryl Crow be his Campaign Manager and Eminem's daughter Hailie be his Senate Aide, and MGK be his Fundraiser / Cheerleader?
  • AntiThat reply Schwarzenegger is a country club Republican just like the Bushes, who will always side with the rich, the corporations, and the SJWs. In the fall he did everything just short of outright endorsing Hillary. The Rock sided with the black racist athletes paid to endorse Under Armor, who demanded that the CEO grovel and retract his mild words of support for Trump. The CEO then grovelled like a good boy.
  • RobertTLongway reply Possible MI Kid Rock voter here - not decided but I know it will probably come down to Kid Rock vs. Stabenow and I can't see myself voting for her...
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Imagine a presidential race 2024... the rock vs kid rock... lol...
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