The Current Moral Panic and Why It Will Pass: 2017 is 1950 or 1983

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  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply Fair point, Styx. But I still want to know WHY this is happening. Not just the "what", but the "why". SJWs are a part of things, yes, and it is a phenomenon that has, essentially, never been so insidious- they absorb every ridiculous notion, almost like it's their job. They can infiltrate all rungs of business and government, and I want to know why this is being allowed by the media and schools and such, to grow and fester. The "why" is more than just money. The "why" is control. But why that particular set of controls? Easier to perturb the masses through breeding heart liberal issues, because of the paradigm shift? That, I guess, could explain it.
    • [ – ] AfroZenMind parent reply It's a natural phenomenon that comes with the advancement of technology. Communication has gotten to point where everyone can speak to anyone at any time. We, as a society are going through the growing pains of learning how to utilize this ability in a responsible manner. The irrationals are butting heads with the rationals and slowly but surely the irrationals will silence themselves as they inevitably fall victim to their own fallacies. What we are experiencing is natural and necessary albeit poignantly or even infuriatingly uncomfortable to experience.
      • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard parent reply So, literally, because people's bullshit is that much easier to BTFO, people are whinging, whining, and bullshitting even harder, in a poor attempt to assess how it was that they were already bullshitting to begin with? I can get behind that logic.
        • Cynical-Bastard parent reply PS: Styx, did you know that on Google, if you enter "Identitarian", you'll get pages, including the wikipedia page, detailing that "the 'Identitarian movement' is a 'white nationalist' movement"...and nothing more? SJWs aren't identitarians, not to Google. Soon to be replaced in the dictionary by a more "PC" (manipulative) definition.
      • CitizenShane parent reply That's a really great analysis, AfroZenMind.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply After 1983 there will be 1984, 1984, 1984, 1984, 1984, 1984, 1984 ... ... since we don't resist!
  • [ – ] ErickAlden reply You forgot to mention the online police state in the UK. If that happens across the west we won't be able to resist. The problem will never go away, and our grandchildren will have to sit and listen to a black transgender lesbian talk down to them. Hopefully that won't be the case, but fuck. Who knows?
    • Sock_Puppet parent reply Educate the people who sit in the jury court as is your right to a trial, even though this right has been fought against for some time, but is another subject just to highlight how wonderful the UK is (sarcasm for anyone who may have missed it)... America fucked over prohibition using the same tactic and eventually, after losing lots of money on fail legal costs such laws can be repealed, but we need to ensure that we can convince ANY jury that free speech is an important commodity.
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply The grand children will be muslim
  • [ – ] joystickjiggler reply I hope it passes soon.
  • whos_statan reply ethnic nationalism is civic nationalism over time. ethnicity is forged in war.
  • DueyBear reply This video is beautiful.
  • peacey reply Our Constitution does NOT protect people from being offended or feeling uncomfortable. I've lost many dear online sjw friends, because I refuse to fall in line or be intimidated by what seems to be a louder voice against mine. I may not agree with what you are saying but I will fight to the death to protect your right to say it... (Voltaire-?). How can one continue to grow and learn if we shut out all other views? Intelligence is the ability to change and adapt when presented with new or different information; we can't do this without at least hearing those different viewpoints.
  • StolenMoment reply moral panic? seems to be a continuous evolution of various realities. sjw-satanism-hippies-beatniks-boheimians-libertines-anarchists- etc.etc.etc.etc BFD No one is special, Every one will die.
  • Cryptonymus reply Very well said.
  • Jsnap reply Very true
  • NorthernBear reply I disagree. Morale panics do not generally take over entire educational systems. Full fledged idealogies do that. This nonsense is pushed from daycare to PHD here in Canada and the students are taught this INSTEAD of cognitive analysis skills. Again at all levels. Here in Canada even the conservatives have been promoting this. The only effective person we have is Peterson who holds no power and was soundly ignored during his testimonies before the latest legal changes. It may have started as a panic but now it is enforced by laws. Laws that force you to speak the way they want us to speak. We have actual social justice tribunals both federally and provincialy with real power and no presumption of innocence and no appeals process.
  • GSP-4ME reply STYX, watch this please. Censorship is a coming to YouTube
  • randymcfelch reply #Ragedidnothingwrong
  • GSP-4ME reply Sorry Styx, if they censor free speech, then YouTube deserves to die.
  • CitizenShane reply Ha ha ha ha ha!!! This is one of your BEST videos yet, Styx. I love the LaVeyan influence in how you identify "cycles of Humanity" and such.
  • [ – ] KilledInAdvance reply Fuckin' SLAYER!!!
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