Regressive leftist -NAZIS- halt Politicon free speech panel!

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  • RightWingBDSMGuy reply Nazis protesting Ann Coulter? Must mean Nazis don't like Ann Coulter after all.
  • [ – ] SuperD reply White privilege doesn't exist especially for middle class and lower class whites. These whites are oppressed if anything.
  • [ – ] FunkyMunky reply They finally came out as the nazis they truly are. The only difference between the brownshirt of then and the brownshirts of now is the people that they target. Think about it, they want a socialist nation They prance around in the uniform willingly They want the genocide of a race of people They beat and kill people that disagree with or oppose them How long before they're building the gas chambers?! I don't think these people can comprehend irony
  • [ – ] DieselMonky reply Making the move to! Glad to see my favorites are here too! Later, youtube.
  • Reptillian_King reply The bigoted left are entitled to their opinions. The problem is they're against free speech.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply None of them are AshkeNAZIS. It's rent a mob, the same as usual, boring.
  • VoltaicFire reply Damn regressive cunts
  • pablodee reply Strange how lefties just happen to have brownshirt uniforms in their closets
  • Auceza reply Bearing is the best Aussie teddy on the market. :-)
  • GradVM reply good to see you here again :-)
  • Calman reply All the Nazi analogies are just stupid in my opinion. It doesn't matter which side you're on, or how extreme you are, you're not a radicalised German from 1939-1945. If I hear anyone calling anyone a Nazi I just lose interest in the conversation entirely.
  • Remicat reply these people really need to consider their rally cries... if bearing didn't tell us, i would have thought they cried "Trump is just a girl"
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply It's rather hilarious. A bunch if leftist morons get offended by free speech, what's new?
  • Menexus reply How much more evidence do these lunatics need to see that they have become what they claim to hate/fear so much.
  • Texastom reply The world political stage has really gone down hill in the last 2 decades,the outright vitriolic demonizing of people whom you disagree with has gone beyond the norm. Real issues have been lost in the everyday slash and burn political sound bite.
  • Auceza reply German Nazis (National SOCIALISTS) had been a left wing movement.
  • Ryan_Basha_ reply I thought progressives didn't like people making Nazi jokes.
  • DieselMonky reply Making the move to! Glad to see my favorites are here too! Later, youtube.
  • The_Next_Six_Minutes reply In the Karate Kid, a movie about a white kid appropriating Japanese culture to fight off bullies and score, Mister Myagi, an offensive Asian stereotype, tells Daniel San, his privileged white pupil, that there are no bad students. Only bad teachers. This is however, incorrect. This is not meant to disparage Japan or Japanese culture in any way. They have a long a rich culture and heritage and a history of oppression at the hands Western aggressors. This is just meant to point out that in many cases students can be as bad as the teachers charged with their education. Particularly if they're part a privileged ruling class with a history of systematically oppressing people of color. Like the blond kid and the angry old white man with the crew cut. Respect my pronouns!!!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Evergreen State College Administrators Tell Protesters That Their Actions Were Illegal White student wins vindication at Evergreen State College Bret Weinstein Suing Evergreen State College for $3.85 Million
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Grenade attacks in Sweden up 170 percent
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Google this to see for yourself the PLO PAYS terrorist a monthly salary to those that kill Jewish families. Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund
  • karpad reply Their side was evenly represented and they still disrupted the talk. It makes no sense.
  • ZombieMomma reply Policticon should be televized. Also it should be moved to Denver to encourage more people to attend since they would have to travel as far across country.
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