Not Relying On Advertising

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  • warren reply Great video, David! Glad you're embracing an ad-free model and keeping things nonblandweird. Patreon does a great job of making this possible, and we think Vidme will be another helpful platform for your fans to support you. We have a lot of new features in the works and would love your input. Also check out our blog post, "Creators First. Not Advertisers." if you haven't already. Thanks for keeping the internet weird.
  • XandrDotExe reply You don't know how fast I clicked on the video when I saw the username "davidfirth". Glad to have you on Vidme!
  • doomx2001 reply Always enjoyed your stuff. Glad to see your on VIDME.
  • Dos_Gaming reply "Doesn't break any laws shouldn't be removed" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh the good old days... But I still wuv u xxx
  • duffy reply great analysis of the current situation. fan support is becoming an essential source of revenue for creators and will only continue to become more important in the future. glad to have you on vidme!
  • JenniferDaww reply You're someone who got lost in the discussion of de-monetization. Everyone is worried about being censored for political opinions, but even as someone who only makes cute, harmless, drawings and animations of obese animals, I know they can and will come for your person just as much as your content even if your content doesn't contain your opinions. They want you dead and penniless if you don't serve the advertiser or the activist. I've been put on blocklists for not thinking all men in my industry are "at least somewhat" sexist or not wanting to beat down the audience and try to change them to my will. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you as someone who was on the early days of newgrounds as a consumer rather than a creator and I'm glad you have found your way on patreon and vidme too :)
  • Zymon reply Nice intro!
  • NathanSifuGaming reply Holy shit it's David Firth!
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply It's a sad thing to see what NG has become in the past five years. Hell, it's one of the reasons why I promote Gnash, the GNU Flash Player. It should work with your old .swf files, and it has been ported to the following: Raspberry Pi, Android, Wii, Haiku (Open Source interpretation of Be OS), *BSD, and various other platforms. As for YouTube, its decline is accelerating.
    • Wardhouse parent reply Yeah, NG has even removed the first Spoilsbury Toast Boy from its portal. Turns out they have a really copyright-heavy moderation team right now.
  • Chaos reply Great video David
  • madel_schmadel reply Realistically, Patreon will eventually become the target of censorship by the political class and its SJW drones. Ultimately, the best strategy is perhaps one that both includes in-site donations and subscriptions like Vidme and for creators to to unite with businesses that actually support your work and either have them passively sponsor content or even allow creators to do blurbs at the beginning or end of their videos. Doing both means no single point of failure - or control. It's time for the free speech people to start getting smart and stop allowing themselves to be blindsided by fully anticipated behavior by anti-freedom censors.
  • SpaceDuck reply Always enjoying your videos! Keep it up!
  • EpicJC reply Excellent video expressing why it's important to have something like a Patreon to keep creators going. You can be you and your fans can support you. You don't have to worry about being "ad-friendly", the only concern is being faithful to your supporters.
  • Turn_Coat reply Jews siphoning money away from actual producers has been a scourge on our civilization for thousands of years.
  • OVlogick reply You are an absolute ray of sunshine, keep it up.
  • BenjiJames reply David Firth's content = Perfection!
  • Vexode reply Couldn't have said it better myself!
  • iAmEnglishTV reply Good stuff, you said some truth behind creating. I don't create with hopes that others will pay me.
  • PicklemanTheGreat reply I want that damn hug.
  • pipsantos reply Advertising is ok as long as the platform does not censor any content. The problem with youtube is, it has bend over to the people in suit. It is not enough that advertisers pull their ads, but youtube is luring back those ads by censoring its independent creators.
  • spookyboo reply XD YouTube was made by weirdness. Now it will be boring there.
  • tonygreene113 reply Weird will always be available for those of us brave enough to endure it.
  • MadJim reply Thanks for posting some of your videos here. I hope you upload more soon
  • Apepresident reply Glad to see your starting to post stuff over here on vidme. Love the Salad Fingers series. Can't wait to see a lot more new awsome and creepy stuff from you
  • SteeScribbles reply Really glad to see you making stuff!
  • WonderfulDraws reply It's great to see you here David. I hope you can feel safe here
  • WhiskySailor reply Oh man, I remember some of those animations.
  • MutantPixel reply Oh SaladFingers I remember when you first made your internet rounds. I say hats off to you sir! Keep making your weird stuff.
  • FinPatriot reply Good job on this.
  • suck_knuckle_smokers reply i like rusty spoons!
  • DivyDabest reply What the...
  • GeahkBurchill reply Eeeeeeehxcellent!
  • TeamEliteBros reply Wow David! Great Animation! Keep it up, I'm proud of you!
  • maxwaxhax reply Dude! There's this abandoned shed in Nampa Idaho that looks like Salad Finger's house, I need to take a photo of it, it's hilarious ahaha!
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