WARNING For All Men Using Tinder

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  • Driver22 reply Nice to see you moved over to Vidme. YT is going to shit and it will die the way of mainstream TV soon enough.
  • Old_Reaper reply When I was a PUA 95% were fake profiles. One chick was 20 kg heavier, was a helicopter intensive nurse - but was on compo for over a year with back injuries, a non smoker non drinker but we meet at a pub where she wanted a premium drink and a smoke outside. Level 4 mgtow now and no more crap.
  • GoMGTOW reply So where the hell is MGTOW 101? Dude I know you got more content than this! I can't help you get verified if all your gonna post is one video!
  • GoMGTOW reply GO MGTOW!!!!
  • tsingi reply I figured I'd take a look at Instagram. Fist thing I read in their agreement is that they have been acquired by Facebook. . . . Full stop.
  • CoffeeCat reply Looking forward to seeing more of your content on this platform!
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