Trying out and I'll try vlogging too in the future.

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  • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 reply I'm an old geezer and I'll never get into gaming mostly because I suck at it. But I think that's a good thing, because IMO that shit is brainwashing people. It's all about killing, licentiousness, etc.(you name it) pretty much evil in general and with millions people pumping that garbage into their brains for hours a day, why should we wonder that this country is all messed up? That stuff'll rot your brain! Yea man, get into vlogging IMO it's more rewarding, nore important and more positive.
    • GamingWithKingG parent reply I feel you on that. The reason I play games is because I'm pretty good at it. I always wanted to share my gameplay with everyone. I don't think gaming is any different than watching tv. I think it's just how much gaming, tv, etc you do that will brainwash you. If you let those things consume you and control your life then gaming really isn't for you. I know people that played video games and never spent time with family, friends and wouldn't get a job. I use gaming as well as other things (other hobbies) to help escape and relieve stress. I do work a very stressful job and gaming and youtube is sure as heck better than drowning in alcohol, drugs, sex and many other things. Some people just can't balance gaming and life.
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