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  • MohammedAlatef reply My Great Love for Jesus Led Me to Islam English PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz6Yc1mCTlS-dUpFX1JsdHlRMWc/view The Title: Saimon Al-Fareedu Karaballow Short Description: Saimon Al-Fareedu Karaballow: Masters, Jamia Ayyah, USA .... Authorship : Saimon Al-Fareedu Karaballow The great love of Christ led me to Islam Written by: Simon Alfredo Karaballo MA - AT & M University, Texas - United States of America. Abstract: the great love of Christ - peace be upon him - led me to Islam: this letter shows how the impact of Christ - peace be upon him - To embrace the writer of the religion of Islam, and how the impact of Islam in his life, and how it affected the lives of others as a result of his conversion to Islam, In the end, a comparison between the texts of the Koran
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