Sketch and Talk with Mini - SMOL AND THICC

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  • [ – ] linchpin30 reply I found I had to switch from Moleskine, to Rhodia webnotebooks. I can't vouch for it taking gouache washes(never tried it), but I found it takes fountain pens and ink washes without buckling or bleeding into the next page. The various sized classic pads that Rhodia make are cute too, plus I love their dot grid paper to write on. Problem with those, is alcohol based markers bleed to the next page bad. I also imagine they would get destroyed by any kind of water wash on it. Ink is smooth on them though. It may spoil you if you do a lot of note taking on them, and you will not want to write on anything else. I can be more hipster about it too saying its from France. Then do the obligatory laugh. Oddly, its hard to find Rhodia stuff on amazon, I had to be buy mine from like Goulet Pens or jetpens. Container Store sells some of their stuff too(I can't go there. It turns me OCD). Alternatively, Clairefontaine is pretty awesome too(the Rhodia preimium web notebooks are made from Clai...morerefontaine). They are super expensive though. There also Leuchtturm1917 and Apica, but I don't know anything about them. You with the morman cursing dag-nab-it! Shut the Front door with it already! ;)
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