Reddit for Dummies: How to Go from New User to Troll in 5 Easy Steps [Sketch/Parody]

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  • [ – ] Supernatural_Sightings reply omg...hahaha..I got banned from a subreddit my first day there....I felt like crap..and they were like really rude and assholes!!
  • Socore reply Isn't it wonderful one of the biggest Vidme investors is a co-founder of Reddit! Isn't that Swell?! Oh ALSO isn't is awesome in order to interact with the Devs here you have to go to..... REDDIT! Oh golly gee JOY. So if Reddit is for dummies, what does that make Vidme?
  • [ – ] ElZappo reply I don't use reddit or other like-minded networks, but they provide alot of fun as it seems.At least for me :)
  • MudanTV reply This is literally my first reddit experience ever summed up
  • Barknoor reply I never used Reddit before!
  • Slowbloke reply Using Reddit is like a screening process. Reminds me of the Vogons from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Channel_6 reply You basically watched the life of Reddit!!! I personally love Reddit for sports and news! Great video!!!
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