Should You Get a New Computer? Or Even Upgrade?

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  • theoldsparrow reply I'll be building a new computer at the end of this month to specifically make it a VR box. The computer I'm currently maining will be used for video editing and surfing the web which is fine for what I currently do but the new one will be the new gaming set up. I think the prices are right and I have wanted it for a long enough time that I feel I will be satisfied with the purchase.
  • SamEarl13 reply Quite a good video, I definitely need to replace mine since its ancient lol. Reusing old parts on newer computers is sometimes ok like using an old hard drive merely for backing up files. In fact I took a multi card reader out of an old desktop tower and to my surprise it was powered by a mini-B cable and can be used as a usb device with the right cable (which everyone probably has a billion of) despite looking a bit ugly.
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