The Elder Scrolls VI | Keep The Roleplaying In My RPG

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  • valereth reply Also, I hate that this site destroys formatting when I type multiple paragraphs comments. Someone fix that shit please
  • valereth reply Skyrim is a great game. Wonderful art design, world, setting and atmosphere. great music. It is dumbed down from previous games,and streamlined, which does bother me. Fallout 4 was even more dumbed down than Skyrim, though. It doesn't even really feel like an RPG. It feels more like an FPS with RPG elements...and the shooting mechanics pale in comparison to truly good FPS games (Doom/Wolfenstein The New Order). I was so...SO disappointed with Fallout 4. I did not hate it, but every time I play it, it makes me just want to play Fallout 3...or 1...or 2...or NV again instead. Because all of those are better games.
  • DerpieDoo reply I am not opposed to the "story teller" type gameplay that mass effect presents, as long as the story is really good and brings me back, the next day to see where it will take me.. Few do.. ME does. But I agree.. I STILL go back and play skyrim.. just for the sandbox feel, and living world .. I think they melded living world, with story with sandbox VERY well in that game..
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