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Pokemon BW - New Lv60s team + Scyther sweep vs Cynthias Lv75+ team

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May 5 2017

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This was a longer video because there was more from certain Pokemon I wanted to show, including Scyther sweeping. With Eviolite, he could have taken any hit that wasn't Rock really well, but Spiritomb never tried Shadow Ball or used Sucker Punch while he was attacking. It gave Scyther a perfect sweep, but didn't show how bulky he is with an Eviolite, except when Lucario hits him with Extremespeed and it does nothing. In the first battle, I could have had Raikou finish off Lucario and Braviary, but I kinda wanted to try something else, which resulted in me losing Skarmory. I really thought Lucario would have gone for Close Combat instead. Go figure. The details of the sets can be found on the actual video description:

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