Microsoft Done Effed Up Now

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  • [ – ] Socore reply Your audio input is really low. Just thought you should know. Great video!
  • theglimmerman reply the xbox one is officially dead all they have now is gears halo and forza and and them selling you a new system with no games
  • AlmightyKingMarz reply @bigbossjelly I don't even blame you for that I'm about to get a ps4 because this year they have some great games coming out
  • BigBossJelly reply That's a damn shame, as someone who has been on the fence for awhile about getting either a PS4 or Xbox One this disappoints me. That was one of the few games on Xbone I was looking forward too.
  • MoonLight_Lotus reply i had hopes for that shit. i hope it gets picked up soon
  • Nicky_ reply That game looks like it would have been a ton of fun. I'm sorry Microsoft cancelled it.
  • Socore reply Maybe they saw how Evolved... A completely different game... failed pretty hard and 2K withdrew support of the game, it may be unrelated but it comes to mind.
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