Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time: Gerudo Valley

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  • [ – ] PieAndLove reply OH MY GOD. I was the bass keyboardist for my school's ensemble band from 7th - 8th grade, and in 8th grade I remember our math teacher/band leader - really chill, nerdy, young dude - just came into band meet one day and handed us all the sheet music for this. And then he and I got into an argument because "my part was too difficult for me" but eventually I got it (it was the stuff in the third treble staff down on this arrangement of yours, and it wasn't even hard at all on the sheet music he'd found). At the end of meet that day he just stood next to my keyboard until I very sheepishly played the whole thing, with virtually no mistakes, because I'd realized halfway through arguing with him that yeah, actually, I COULD play this. Hearing this just brought back so many memories... Holy shit I think I have a video recording of the whole band playing this at the school showcase that year!!! I need to find that oh my gosh. This is great, bruh, just fantastic.
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