CUSTOM MAID 3D 2 Random Degeneracy

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  • [ – ] PaperJack reply This video is so hillarious that I'll be follow you from now on. Good job.
  • [ – ] PaperJack reply Ok, I was rewatching this video and questions pop'd in my mind. Do you play with three different computer? Who was the guy fucking his maid? Can you create the most bitchy and sassy maid ever? Could she have a penis? Can you recreate Giffany from Gravity Falls. Can she kill you? Would these questions end?
    • Imperial_Third_World_Riech parent reply Questions answered in order: We now play with whatever/whoever has the best hardware (mine is absolute crap since it' onlys a laptop with a GT 750m) The closet rapist who ignores foreplay and prefers fucking right off the bat is Setsuna, he is featured in most of our recent vids. I think so? There's probably settings for her personality I didn't stick long with the game to find out sorry. SHE CAN'T HAVE A PENIS WHICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF. I've seen a lot of shit created through custom maid 3d so hey I think so. She can't kill you, but can have that "Yandere" personality thing. I don't mind them not ending, I just can't answer them immediately because different time zones are a bitch.
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