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Gigantic: 5 Common Mistakes made in Gigantic Tips and Tricks

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April 4 2017

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So this goes over 5 common mistakes In no order Am just highlighting some of the common mistakes and ways for people to work on them. I am hoping at some point fire drake will be more useful but when dat is da question any way back on to it this is tips and tricks my weekly video also I am very sorry for lack of uploads my bedrooms has been up side down. My notes for 5 common mistakes Tips and Tricks the 5 mistakes I see happen very often in gigantic This list is in no order Its just common mistakes I see in gigantic and there will be loads more. No 5 Chilling on the ship as the start of the game for crazy long time to look over skills. My advice is to do this in practice first before you play hero so you don’t waste your time at the start the game. This is The time when your calming the map so you need them important seconds to get about and contest and hold points on sanctum falls and sisan strands . no 4 Building Fire drakes on like every location They do more less no damage to people who know how to counter them. They may look strong and cost 2 focus but in my opinion they are the weakest chrecher in the game as you can counter them so hard. no 3 Obelisk placements Don’t be summoning them on your own points. That’s like punching yourself in the face when comes to power control as you got go pick up the orb now. They are handy for speed if you plan to convert them in to an adult summon strait after or contest enemy points but that’s about it. No 2 1 v 5 Like um you’re not Titanium and why you also fighting under the enemy guardian just why you’re a mad man. Well this screams 10 power free, free power means more win chance for enemy. No 1 Knowing when you’re the last Alive on your team. I see this happen so much people don’t see or forget and carry on with the team fight when they are last one left, so always keep a look out if you are last one alive as you don’t want the timer to reset to 25 seconds if you team wipe. This gives the en… #Gigantic #gaming #guide #howto

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