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  • goonxxi reply The rapefugees have invaded the West, and they are not going anywhere. Women are considered inferior in Islamic teachings and practices. They are little more than sex slaves. That is what is so hilarious about the idiots having parades and holding signs welcoming these jihadists into their adoptive European countries, where they assault, rape, and rob the native population, and are usually not punished for their crimes while their victims are scarred for life. The international socialists have decided that the Islamists will help them achieve the goal of borderless society and global governance. You see the push back with Brexit and the Trump election. Surely more will follow because the Moslem violence will be impossible to keep hidden as the numbers of cases keep increasing.
  • mortus_victus reply After this report, 6 years ago, I believe they stopped recording background. I wonder what the developments has been since. The Norwegian Central Statistic Agency ( have refused to comply with demands from the Progress Party (FRP) to record and release such records.
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