Narnia - Fluffy Pants, Treats and Purring!

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  • [ – ] 123-Proverb-Monkey reply It is funny about cats and treats,the sound of the bag and my cat comes running! One thing I did that saves me money,I bought a medium sized bag of expensive cat food for about $8 and put it in a secured plastic container and use it as treats. Worked very well,increased treats,different taste,saved money.This made "Butter-Buns" and "Gabriel" happy cats!
    • NarniaTheMaineCoon parent reply Another funny thing is when I try to open a tin, she comes all in demanding that I turn the can of beans I just opened into a can of Tuna. We usually buy her the best on a market for dry and we lower her feeding cost by poaching her livers or hearts, she loves it and they are soo cheap and her bag of food lasts her for ~3 months - she eats around 70 grammes a day ( ~ 2.5 ounces) (she is 16lbs) which is cheaper than getting cheap food filled with tonnes of fillers. Cheap always turn expensive at the end. The reason she eats so little is that her food is 85% meat protein and no fillers.
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