Community Injustice?? (My 2 Cents)

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  • [ – ] ColeossalGaming reply It'd be good, very good. But Rawman's point, and mine If we could get big YT'ers here. It'd be very good for the site. But it would be hard to balance.
  • Rawman reply but yeah, my point was more to do with how the community are unbalanced. vidme have the means to correct it. but dont really do it (until forced). youtubers are coming here and not contributing (like we vidme users do) and are being given much more reward (eh... its up to them i guess but remove this SLIGHT BOOST!!!). we as a community need to remember what is important and who is important. the viewers have the power and right now us small creators are the viewers. so WE have the power. there are people like me who spend weeks and weeks (about 4 or 5 weeks) scripting and constructing a single video (both community injustice videos took like a month). and other people are cheating the system, using fake accounts to upvote their own content and friends of mine are struggling to get 100 views....this is an injustice!
  • Iannis_Hour reply Nasty....MA BRO...If GradeAUnderA or Leafy for example comes to WE ARE ALL DEAD ! They are going to bring here 2M people and make the Vid.Me Vid.Him (u got it ? LOL)
  • AnimangaNation493 reply But we do see alot of big YouTubers not giving back and whineing. About how vidme is hard . but also we have to do our part. Creators and upload content. The community can enjoy and benefit from but also enjoy doing it. As for the vidme staff they need to put they're money where there mouth is and start helping creators with better monetization. Make sure that everyone has the tools they need to make great content.
  • AnimangaNation493 reply Sry. Fuck up that comment
  • AnimangaNation493 reply We agree I've seen a l. YouTubers who don't contribute but bitch and moan about how they can make it on vidme. We think they are use
  • [ – ] AnimangaNation493 reply Yes we do have this fear of youtuber coming over and stealing all the spotlight for us its people like the anime man and crunchyroll. But there's one since in Naruto we like to quote From Volume 3, Chapter 22  Zabuza: Been a while, Kakashi... And I see you've got those brats tagging along, just like last time. And the little boy is trembling again, poor thing...  Sasuke: I'm shaking with eagerness for a rematch We are very excited to take the fight to them.
    • Trust_Nasty parent reply Yea 100 Views is Seriously A Struggle for me as Well I just Hope Vidme Doesn't pull A Youtube act and Leave the Community blinded to everything, I seriously Hope all Issues are Resolved. In the near future I want to Say Vidme is the Platform for me
  • [ – ] Rawman reply hahahahaha!! im a legendary pokemon! SWEET!!! give me my 3 tickets to the rocky horrible show! interesting take on my video!
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