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  • LegendGary323 reply I think so far @EchoWaltz has made you rage the most lol. I should figure out how to make levels and send you a level just to make you rage lol
  • Vossi_46_gaming reply They look like some HARD lvls man. Great video dude
  • Rawman reply Hahaha all them people that died there i didnt even know hahaha. Man this was too funny hahaha!!! I loved the part where you killed the star that look was hilarious!!. I was laughing the whole time. I'll try get you some more levels. Well done on the victory you will eventually get really good. Thanks again for playing my levels. Let me know your favourite theme and your favourite type of level and i could customise one specific to your needs (maybe one that can teach you a few interesting things).
  • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming reply Do you also upload on YouTube? I ask because I'm wondering if you get more engagement on VidMe than YT. If you do I might start do some uploading myself...
  • blgdoesthings reply Oh... The thumbnail time blocked your face, so I thought you were dashie
  • [ – ] duffy reply lol love that you can see where everyone else died. brutal.
  • faszaiyoo reply fiuh your awesome
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