Something Unlimited Part 1 Let's be evil

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  • [ – ] B10H4TE reply Love your vids! ever thought about doing play through of Legend of queen Opala? all of them are free to play.
    • [ – ] puritysin parent reply I get a lot of requests for that. I might do it in the future when im not swamped with so many games lol.
      • [ – ] B10H4TE parent reply Ahhh cool cool, What do you think of something unlimited? personally i find it has too much grind at the patch i played, but i'd be willing to go back and play it when its finished. It really needs an identifier to show when something new can be done at a location because i spent most of my time revisiting each place every day to see if something new happened.
        • puritysin parent reply I agree the grin is a little bit annoying and I hope they fix it. I kind of hope for more animation in it then I think it will be a lot better.
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