China Preparing For War Against US Over NOKO

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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply And don't forget it was China showing how they will strike us and the same map aired on North Korean news as it did on China's news before, plus all the Russians troop movement's, so it looks like everyone else if ready for WW3 that have been building up well Obama was gutting America and all those other communists traitors in western countries that helped Soros with the massive immigration riots to destroy our cities to make us all unprepared for WW3, so wake up and smell roses those communists screwed us over,
    • [ – ] POTUSTrumpMAGA parent reply NWO, I agree. OBAMA screwed us bad and our country just took it for 8 years!
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply North Korea is an Ambush,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply with China's Mexico bases as well as all those troops hidden under the UN flag really opens your eyes to what is going on world wide,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply So with Russian fighters having to come so close to shut down a ship makes me wonder if they have the long range micro wave weapon to take out whole area's of stealth planes and ships, I have a new idea for armor a better design to block those weapons as well as how to combat against those weapons, but since I can not even get a simple job because of a bad reference I am not giving away any more idea's without payment,
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply ,I have had visions of the North Korea sneak attack by subs on each coastline and they have over 70 subs, plus Clinton gave China stealth and North Korea nukes as well as missal launching systems I think it was, They gave them the factories that made it, so they really screwed us, and now with the micro wave weapons they are using, I think Hutchison must have showed them how since he was over in china, plus they have been using tesla tech as well, there are a few ways to stop a wave weapon, I never get credit for my idea's like the force field or the rail gun, but then again people have thought of those things long before I came along, but I was the one that solve how the ufo plasma engines worked and they just used my idea's, so I showed them up by showing how the pyramids work to make or tune new earth planets, I have some very interesting video's if you watch some, , I am very disappointed that NASA has lied to us as well
        • [ – ] POTUSTrumpMAGA parent reply Here is my channel I'm not sure how long it will last. YouTube popped me with 2 copyright strikes so far...
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply North Korea is an arm of China, so North Korea will sneak attack us, and China has been setting up all over the world under the UN flag as well as Bases in Africa and Mexico,
    • [ – ] POTUSTrumpMAGA parent reply Oh yes, definitely an extension of China. I'll take a look at your videos. I'm sure I'll find them fascinating! I have to say one thing about the Clintons' however, I know they have sold God knows what to our enemies bc they are so greedy but I believe we have much much better technology than what they gave away. I can't stand the Clintons' but I have to give it to them, somehow thru all this crap they've stayed alive. How they pulled that off, we may never know. I'm sure we can all throw theories in the wind but my money's on never knowing anything..
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