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  • [ – ] AoifeDearg reply Speaking from Europe, Trump is not popular here at the best of times. His Twitter outbursts and lack of cohesion in the administration have made him a laughing stock. We depend on Russia in a lot of cases for our oil and gas. The US has taken things one step too far by interfering in the economic decisions of the EU. As far as Ukraine goes, the CIA-backed coup for regime change in Ukraine and US special forces on the ground there split the country. Part of this came from the new regime change insisting that only Ukrainian could be spoken in the Ukraine. Unfortunately, the east of the country speaks mostly Russian as does Crimea. That resulted in Crimea holding the referendum to split with Ukraine as they have had a close relationship with Russia for more than 200 years. In another article I read, the new regime in Ukraine also wanted the names of Jews in the country. The EU the told Ukraine that they would have EU membership and got them entangled in loans while they still owed Russ...moreia 3 billion. The EU insisted that they would start selling Ukraine oil and gas instead of them getting it from Russia. The Ukraine still gets their oil and gas from Russia, but now it has to go by way of Europe. This resulted in their oil, gas and I believe coal tripling in cost. It takes one person in the family working full time to pay for utilities in the Ukraine. I am no Putin fan, but there is a lot more to the Ukraine story than is ever admitted in the States. There are pictures of John McCain and I believe it was Lindsey Graham in Ukraine during the coup. That should ring some bells. I was a fan of Trump, but I believe he is on a tight lead which will keep him from making the changes he and many other Americans wanted. Europe is starting to see the states as serial regime changers. It's all getting a bit worrying.
    • RURdy4It parent reply All VERY good points. As I mentioned to a different sub on my Patreon account - it would be VERY interesting (doubt it) if the EU attempted to sanction the US in some way. Much of what you listed, which is awesome, were things I was unaware of... so THANKS!
  • [ – ] ddmmyy reply Trump should have run this by you before he signed it. But this is the kind of pure raccoon crap we are seeing out of this pathetic excuse of a congress. Despicable.
  • theicediamond7 reply Russia is not afraid of anybody they could take on the whole world and win
  • [ – ] theicediamond7 reply you missed the whole thing this is a Marxist take over that has been going on for ever. and the isrealies are a bunch of fucks
    • RURdy4It parent reply I have a very different view of Israel than apparently a LOT of people. I worked with them quite a bit
  • [ – ] ogenmatic reply Did I miss something? I'm a Patreon monthly supporter but I can't see the restricted videos. What am I doing wrong?
    • RURdy4It parent reply If you are referring to "SUBS" video here on - they are the same private videos that are uploaded to Patreon for subscribers that donate. So you have to go on Patreon to get the EP videos - those are uploaded differently but the same videos.
  • [ – ] kombojoe reply The Russian tank, Armada, isn't too much to worry about. Russia has been known to lie about their military capabilities including equipment capabilities. Although the Abrams is old the electronic updates that have been made make it capable enough to not worry about. If the Armada is better it is a very small difference. In addition they have so few Armada tanks right now that it really doesn't matter.
  • [ – ] CTmasonry reply Was Trump blackmailed to sign so hastily
    • ddmmyy parent reply I'm going to say inexperience. Haste makes waste. Sometimes his decisiveness recoils. Keep in mind former clod presidents as far as we can remember had assistance looking good. Trump is street wise but he is surrounded by piss ants and worse. I want to like him most all of the time.
    • RURdy4It parent reply He had until Aug 8th - I think - the following day, it would become law. So he had 2 options... sign, veto or ignore.
  • RURdy4It reply Forgot to mention - Russian deployment has to do with their War Games this year - they are deploying a little......... early...this year. Hence the concern. This years game is labeled, Zapad aka Russian for West
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