Should the Police be Abolished? S2E10

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  • VoltaicFire reply I'm so glad you're on VidMe, I've given up on YouTube/Google and was hoping I'd find my favourites here too ^^
  • yourvagismysafespace reply The public outcry from Baltimore was that the police are the most dangerous thing in their neighborhood & how they weren't welcome. They got what they asked for. Now I totally agree with the sheboon in the video. Police and all other law enforcement agencies (DEA,ATF,etc) should completely clear out of afro-american communities, we should also repatriate all the descendants of kangz and queens from the industrial prison complex back into their neighborhoods. One of the things that gets overlooked is that without a police escort, firefighters & paramedics will no longer go there, neither will utility workers (water, power, etc), & I doubt the postal service will dare to venture in either. Busses and taxis will go the way of the dinosaur & for the same reason, that being an environment unsuitable for their existence. Good luck getting any goods delivered within the police free zones, though it's unlikely that any businesses would afford to keep the doors open even if they could get r...moreesupplied as their insurance rates would be astronomical, & that's going under the assumption that they could even obtain coverage. Buying consumables woulnt be a concern as there will be no government assistance coming in as it's nothing more than governmental control of a marginalized peoples & no revolution needs subsidies from a government from which they're trying to break free. So without any police to enforce law and order, utilities not being maintained, no food, either being brought in or produced domestically, well it's starting to sound a lot like those African Utopias where those white devils have been driven from. By the way, all those police who have been removed from their communities could be stationed outside their border, you know, to keep any white people from sneaking in & ruining it for dem colored folks like they always do.
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