Suicide Squad: Why it Was Hated | Haze Explains

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  • [ – ] Daboetry_17_Poetry reply Hello, I like the warning signs you highlighted here. Sadly, there are a ton of them and most times than not, folks miss the red flags in their faces. However, sometimes you just don't know cuz the dumper hides their real feelings. Let's back this up a bit. Being able to Communicate, Having Self- Respect (for your partner too) and Being Honest are necessary in any relationship. If you don't possess any of these qualities, then it's best NOT to enter into a romantic one. If you do, then it should be a bit easier being honest with yourself and your partner. Breaking up is hard to do...but it's Best to be straight forward...without games.
    • BanditHaze parent reply Being honest is important, and yes, respect for yourself and your partner too. It's not always going to be an easy thing to do, but if you genuinely believe it's the right thing, then gotta do it the right way.... By the way, somehow your comment ended up on the wrong video, what's going on vidme? Lol.
    • [ – ] Daboetry_17_Poetry parent reply Oops, I didn't realize I put this on the wrong post lol! Sorry about that and thanks for upvoting I'm using my phone...sometimes it does what it wants
  • [ – ] granny_monster reply Like is everyone coming here!?
    • BanditHaze parent reply I dunno about everyone, I'm not even sure if I'm coming here.. lol. Just posting a few vids for the sake of exposure, see what happens :)
  • BanditHaze reply Why so serious?
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