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  • [ – ] crissymoss reply I just got here, and it does seem incredibly open and nice so far. I'm enjoying it :)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply you are completely right! Giving in to the negativity doesn't help, but i still think that there are more positivity than negativity here. I think that we will be okey again.
    • Proto parent reply I agree, the positivity out weighs the cons. We just gotta make sure this place does not turn into a place we worked so hard for it to not be.
  • [ – ] Fox1cake0 reply vidme has been pretty great for me,people actually watch my content lol which I really like.But I agreed we need to support each other definitely Great video bro. I hope the weather gets better for you.
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply Positivity is what makes this place so attractive for a creator. Keep the vlogs coming man.
  • [ – ] ZengamesTv reply you and Daniel oman edit very similarly
  • chetameister reply Congrats on your first upload. I just joined the community so i cant wait to see how things turn out!
  • Wayndeet reply Abbotsford dude... I love the coast of b.c.
  • [ – ] Wayndeet reply I am from b.c. As well. Nice vid, I try to be kind as well... Nice job . Yes I would like to see more from you.Today is the fourth it was nice all day until early evening and then the rain set in. I'm tired of it as well. Have a good one. Good luck with school.
    • Proto parent reply Thanks for the support, and being such a kind person! I will definitely make more vlogs as they are fun to make. Yeah it was the same for me, we must live pretty close then. School should be fine.
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