Moe is my Kryptonite - Exploring my annoyance of moe and harem in anime

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply When it comes to moe and harem I'll watch them especially if they do something different but they're not my favorite things in the world. It's kind of fun with friends to argue about who's best girl and a lot of moe does have some comedy so I probably have a difference of opinion and that's okay. The good thing about anime and manga is that they're such broad mediums that can do so many different things at once. So if you don't like something you can find more than is possible to watch of other things that you enjoy. This season is a bit more prolific on the cute girls doing cute things genre so there's relatively lesser amounts of anime that is serious like Onihei and Youjo Senki so it can be a bad season for people that don't like moe or harem. When it's a bad season I usually pour through my ever growing backlog. For your channel you should do what you want to do with it. I don't really like people that put on a persona at least one that I can tell is intentional so I can say I like...more how upfront and honest you are. I really enjoy your opinions and I'm starting to get into Kdramas from your recommendation which I probably would have never done. If you like what you're doing more people will enjoy seeing what you enjoy. It's kind of infectious that way. I think the last thing you should do is try to force yourself. At least with me I would feel frustrated and trapped that I wasn't doing what I want. So even if it means that you release less stuff about anime I think you should follow your heart. That was cheesy. :/ I think it's true though.
    • wabinosabi parent reply Thank you for sharing your opinion and thoughts, I completely respect them. I agree, moe does have some great comedy and they can be enjoyable, but I've just been enjoying them less and less in favor of more serious topics. Also that is the great thing about having a backlog ^^ it really does save you when you're not enjoying anything in the current season. Or you can find a lot of hidden gems that way searching for alternative stuff to watch. [= Thank you! I've thought about putting on a persona in the past and I've tried by reviewing anime I didn't like but I wasn't happy so I went back to how I usually am. I'd probably be more popular if I pretended that I loved every generic anime out there and smiled like an idiot each review...but I'm okay with being myself ^^ Thank you again for saying such kind things. [Welcome to the Korean wave mwahahaha] ^^ It wasn't cheesy, I really appreciate the kind words! It is true =D Thank you for the great comments, the upvote and the tip [=
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