Dear dogmatic sociology activists: I'm done with your shit. You finally broke me.

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  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply You are upset over that? Watch the documentary The Red Pill: You'll see how feminists and SJWS have been attacking men/boys started with communism attacking capitalism (Venezuela falls and the liberal news media refuses to cover it) and then changed it to The Patriarchy etc. They don't care about GLBTQ rights, they use them to attack white straight males. Notice they promise Gay Rights on the Federal level when elected to office, and when they leave office nothing happened in their term to make gay rights on a federal level. It is a sucker game! They want you to be sick about it and move away instead of challenging them on their own BS. They'll call you sexist, racist, homophobe even if you are not. Personal attacks and name calling by people who hate math and science because the facts and statistics show they are wrong.
    • Kizzume parent reply I recently torrented the movie. I've watched the first 15 minutes and plan on watching the rest. I'm very aware of AVFM, I was on their forum for a while a few years ago. I'm also quite aware of the negative sides. The article I posted was just the final nail in the coffin for me. There are countless other things that have built up to this. For a while I had given Rebecca Watson a chance, but that video makes me want to scream. So, basically, so many of the things I thought were still ok (when it comes to progressive thought), are not. It was a horrible realization, it was primarily the stuff I saw on Facebook. I said this in the video, but it's a long video...
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