US Military Considers Preemptive Strike on North Korea if they Test Atomic Weapon

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  • kendrakane reply I am ready to shoot some fat koreans. Send the burgers in troops! we can slow them down!
  • void1029 reply "Diplomats in brass" they're dictators fam, let's be real.
  • winstonsmith1914 reply Nah I dont think they will test anything on day of the sun. China will not let norks.
  • StolenMoment reply Disney Globe or Eleven Flags?
  • [ – ] OpulentMiracle reply My friend, we absolutely should not bomb North Korea.
    • [ – ] Edalwulf_Bergmann parent reply Yes, we should. Now that we've got China on our side of the North Korea issue, we would steamroll them.
      • [ – ] OpulentMiracle parent reply Useless warmongering, the official foreign policy of the USA since April 6, 1917.
        • [ – ] Edalwulf_Bergmann parent reply It's not useless, it's freeing the people of North Korea and eradicating the shitstain that is the current North Korean government.
          • [ – ] freze_peach parent reply It would eliminate an unstable and dangerous nuclear power but I do support more of an Isolationist view on everything else(like the middle east & Russia & everything else)
            • Edalwulf_Bergmann parent reply I agree that we need to stay out of the Middle East, but that's because the only way to fix the problems over there is to make all of the nations over there US puppets. That would take too much time, effort, and money, and it probably wouldn't even work.
          • [ – ] OpulentMiracle parent reply "freeing the people of Iraq and eradicating the shitstain that is the current Iraqi government." "freeing the people of Afghanistan and eradicating the shitstain that is the current Afghan government." When I read your comment, this is what I heard. Back in the early 2000s, people said the same thing about the two wars we started there. You don't know what's going to happen once you invade, so why do it in the first place? Waste of lives, wastes of money, waste of opportunities. Rebuild our roads, rebuild our cities. No foreign wars.
            • [ – ] Edalwulf_Bergmann parent reply Except Iraq and Afghanistan weren't run by mentally unstable manlets who've proven that they have nuclear weapons and are literally starving their people in what is essentially a gigantic gulag.
              • [ – ] OpulentMiracle parent reply An autocrat is an autocrat, regardless of whatever pop psychoanalysis you got from the Wall Street Journal. The regime in DPRK is not mentally unstable. If you're repeating that line, you've bought into a meme, and a shitty one at that. Everything they do is a rational calculation, including intermittently attacking South Korea to prove that they mean business. "We have to remove this guy because he could do anything!" Sounds like more neocon warmongering and a good excuse to patrol the Korean peninsula for the next two hundred years.
  • The5thMason reply If you do I hope you do a livestream
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