Why Should I Get My Dog Neutered (Fixed) or WHY NOT ?

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  • [ – ] OZombie666 reply I´m totally against "fixing" animals. Would you do the same to a human being just to change a natural behavior that you don´t like? Just train the dog. They can´t defend themselves, it´s cruel.
  • MultiKillerjoe reply I don't like how people are so okay with Neutered animals i find it messed up and when they are puppys they Neuter them i find that evil in a way cause that puppy cannot say no to it and its practically tricking them into it. i prefer them not Neutered cause they are more playful and less dull. Its the owners fault if they go around getting other dogs preggers when they should keep em in or whatever. But basically i find it odd people are so okay with getting them Neutered and all if they are so okay with Neutering they should do it to themselves lolz. But on a serious note im not a animal rights person but i do love dogs and cats and find some acts with people Neutering animals odd and bad in a way cause they do it as if it is nothing but what they want it to be and kills its spirit.
  • [ – ] WhiteIvy22 reply If it isn't causing any problems, then no, it's not a must! If you can contain your dog from getting out , then there is no reason to. It makes no sense that our vets say that they will get cancer is just pure lies!
  • Star_Wars6collector reply make your animal real food because there is plastic by products and lots of other crap they put in dog food, so if you would not eat it then why would you feed that food to your dog, we make our dog liver and potatoes, carrots rice, and all organic foods,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply when I had my Husky I never had her fixed and she got away out at the cabin, so long story short there was some interesting breeds and multiple fathers, one of the pups we gave to a family friend ended up saving a whole family of 4 from carbon monoxide poisoning by baring and waking them up on a cold winter night, plus getting your animal spade or neutered makes them more agressive
  • [ – ] fancyfig reply pet overpopulation is a huge issue though, puppies can show up practically out of nowhere and if the owner has a full time job, and can't care for them, then they'll need to frantically put them up for adoption and they can't afford to be picky about who they're giving them to. this and people who just leave boxes of puppies next to the dumpster results in allot of stray dogs which most often end up getting euthanized because the humane society can't support them all. 3.4 million cats and dogs euthanized in 2013 vs 15 million in 1970 when fixing pets was much less common. http://www.humanesociety.org/about/policy_statements/statement_euthanasia.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/ the alternative is keeping your dog inside on leash all the time, and that's you really disrespect your dogs nature, they're a social species, i would want my dog to be able to run around with other dogs without those looming fears of pregnancy or as you brought up, dog fighting over dominance.
  • Ramesh-Meena1120 reply It's nice video
  • skycarl reply Peanut's a really cool doggy,,,,
  • STR8upREVIEWS reply lol whats up man lol funny stuff i miss my dog bro
  • Critical_Thinker reply No don't get your dog fixed. I wouldn't i never have to any of my pets they led happier healthier lives they never got pregnant, nor got any other
  • mightishare reply Quite informative, man! I myself have wondered about this kind of thing.
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply your dog probability enjoys licking his balls.
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