#RegressiveNews: 21st of March 2017

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  • JadeJicama reply 'Ouch' and the correct response 'You deserved it, fuck head'.
  • [ – ] Partially_Evil reply Saying 'ouch' when you're offended because words are violence now. The phrase 'sticks and stones may break my bones...' comes to mind, seems the left has forgotten it these days
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Yeah, that's smells of weird MK Ultra indoctrination in education - equate words with pain ("ouch") ... like a dog. Please, let most of us be beyond such manipulation.
  • soulgraph reply Whenever I'm offended I say, OOhh Jeezus
  • MirceaSava reply I suggest using the golden rule: never say anything to anyone that in turn will offend you.
  • HughMJohnson reply Ouch!!!! I'm so butthurt... Get me to a safe space. Stat!
  • IAmMute reply "Adults behaving like kindergarten children". Essentially, and that's how it's being TAUGHT to them. Ridiculous stuff..
  • Aviator71 reply Sticks and stones might break bones, but words will never hurt me. That's a good one, bringing that Golden Oldie back!
  • Mckillian reply Bye Bye youtube
  • markyt reply Words ain't bullets, so use 'em, you know, the good ones.
  • ClearlyNotNick reply This is....wild lol. Never in my life did I expect to be seeing this.
  • DeskZombie reply You're overreacting to those "oops/ouch" methods. Those certainly are naive methods, but "indoctrination" and "tyranny" are a bit much. Nobody is enforcing the guide - it's merely a suggestion, as the article noted. Even at that, any legitimately close-minded person wouldn't care to glance at a 20-page "suggestion". In my perspective, the universities are making an attempt to resolve the issue of discrimination. The real problem lies with their implementation.
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