Conspiracy or Not, Here We Come Presents Flat Earth Examination 002

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  • AmaterasuSolar reply expand (possible spam) jmaine, please take a look at all these, one of which is addressed in the above vid. These are the reasons I do not believe NASA's flat earth psyop, deflecting from the real reason They fake things: First, the north-centric model (Dubay, et al) is flat wrong - it would have the stars in the "south" whipping by at a fair clip in nearly straight lines, with different stars seen from different southern points. But the stars in the south circle around a point (no visible star there) mirroring the behavior of those in the north, always due south from wherever One can see it (anywhere in the southern hemisphere). See: watch?v=dsz6yKDrCHM if You think those southern stars are projected into the sky. Second, on a flat plain, when going upward, once You get above things that block the view, You would see all You can see. Going up further will show no more. But when We go upwards, We see more and more of the planet, exactly like One would going up from the surface of a ball. Third, the f...morelat earth "movement" is RIFE with disingenuous arguments - ignoring scale, gravity, optics, friction, refraction, AND misstating distances to "prove" flatness. WHY does the truth need even ONE disingenuous argument? Fourth, though the flat earth proponents have said that if You get a stronger instrument, it will bring ships back into view that sank, hull to crows nest, at the horizon, I have watched ships sink with binoculars and then switched to a fairly powerful telescope - and nope. It does NOT bring them back into view. Once sunk, They cannot be seen, and so... There are People out there LYING to prove the flat earth. WHY would the truth need even ONE lie? Fifth, the fact that, for aeons, sailors have been calculating latitude in the northern hemisphere by the position of Polaris, with a direct correlation between latitude and degrees above the horizon, proves a globe. *This ONLY works on a globe.* When Polaris is at the horizon (something that *cannot* happen on a pancake), One is at the equator (0º), when it is 45º up from the horizon, One is at the 45th parallel... As for some of the disingenuous arguments for the pancake... I'll give You three. I have seen People pouring water on a ball to "prove" water doesn't "stick to a ball," ignoring the planet-sized gravity well immediately adjacent pulling the water OFF the ball. I have seen People spinning balls on the floor to "prove" a ball will not keep spinning, ignoring the friction of the ball on the floor. And I have seen People point to a glass of water saying, "Look! It's FLAT!" As if, at that small a fraction of a single degree of arc (4" is 0.00009% of a single degree of arc), We would see the hump in the middle a few MOLECULES high by eyeballing the glass. So. The FE needs disingenuous arguments and lies. The globe needs NONE. Which model has the highest probability of being correct? As to what I think is the real reason They fake things, with much of this info there as well, please see: And... Do please explain what force it is that defines the DIRECTION things fall in, what creates the DIRECTION of buoyancy. In zero G, things do not move lest there is thrust applied.
  • jmaine reply Oh and please explain where my faulty uphill argument was ever even stated. I said draw three arrows representing alleged gravity along the 2.3" line representing the river. If you draw it for yourself, you will clearly see that the water would not flow. Unfortunately you like to twist words and then say truth. I am 100% clear how gravity works. You repeatedly indoctrinate children with it, then use it as an answer for anything that cannot be explained.
  • jmaine reply The only thing proven when you drop something, is just that. Something was lifted from the earth by a force. There is nothing needed for it to return to earth, other than it's surroundings to be less dense. Friction will play a role if you are dealing with solids, as in a lead ball not passing through a less dense solid. No gravity has not been proven. There is nothing faulty about the fact that the apex of the Mississippi river is hundreds of miles higher relative to the source and the mouth. That is an absolute fact of a circle or a sphere. The center of any two points on a circle or a sphere is up or higher than those two points. If gravity were pulling towards the center of a sphere it would be impossible for the Mississippi river to flow. I suggest you draw the diagram and you will clearly see it would be a lake and not a river. We could get into the many long distance photos across hundreds of miles that are also impossible on a sphere. But I'm sure it will be the same old "the l...moreight is bending", it's a mirage answer. I can only imagine that is the same way we get a full moon during the day. So why does it ever get dark? Shouldn't the light just keep bending all the way around the earth constantly? Funny stuff that gravity. It's the go to answer for every thing. Somehow can hold all the planets in orbit, yet none ever gravitate into the sun. Oh that's right there's space time fabric holding them back, yet unable to keep them from going in elliptical orbits. So have you ever seen clouds move west? Because according to the spinning ball nonsense clouds never actually go west, they are merely moving slower eastward, lol. Yet I can watch a hummingbird hover while I am allegedly moving nearly a 1000 mph, the clouds are slowly drifting west ( not merely going slower east) and according to you the hummingbird is being carried at exactly the same speed as I am by the air. Here is where the ridiculous argument of it's like being in a car, the air is moving with you. Well last I checked a car has a solid roof. If that is your answer please explain the solid structure that surrounds the spinning earth that makes it like the air in a car.
  • AmaterasuSolar reply jmaine, You are quite unclear on the concept of how gravity works (and yes, gravity is proven - every time You drop something - but what is NOT proven is *how it works.* The head of the river is further from the center of gravity than the mouth. irrespective of the curvature. I could address the rest of Your cognitive errors, but I will only do so IF You answer this question for Me: WHY does the flat earth "movement" need so many disingenuous arguments (such as the faulty "uphill" argument You issued)? The truth needs ZERO.
  • jmaine reply Perhaps you can explain seeing a full moon during the daytime. Better yet maybe you can explain how the Mississippi river flows 2,300 miles from a source of 1,420' on a spherical earth. Basic fact of a sphere, if you pick any two points on a sphere, the center of those two points will always be higher. If you draw an 8" circle, representing the alleged sphere earth cut in half along the Mississippi river. Next mark 2.3" along the circumference of that circle. Then draw 3 arrows, one at the beginning, one at the center and one at the end pointing to the center of the circle along the 2.3" line. These arrows represent alleged gravity pulling to the center of earth. You can clearly see the only way the river could flow is if alleged gravity were pulling from somewhere up in space. The obvious scale for this drawing is 1" equals 1,000 miles. Funny how you choose some alleged model to say this debunks everything. The earth has been proven stationary by the Michelson -Morley experiment, gyro...morescopes and accelerometers incorporated in smartphones. Earth is a realm, that is undeniable. Sadly you ignore tons of other evidence that clearly demonstrates the earth could not possibly be a sphere hurtling through space. It's ok you were conned right by what the media writes about meteorites being chondrites. Nothing falls to earth without being lifted from the earth by another force. If you drop something, it falls because you lifted it and dropped it. If the object is denser than its surroundings it will pass through. Sadly one day you may get a clue. Obviously friction plays a role, as in why a solid won't pass through another less dense solid. But really curved water and gravity,lol. Realize the real lies and you will see through real eyes. Otherwise keep drinking that good ol fluoridated water and be sure to get your flu shot.
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