Conspiracy or Not, Here We Come Presents Flat Earth Examination 002

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  • jmaine reply Perhaps you can explain seeing a full moon during the daytime. Better yet maybe you can explain how the Mississippi river flows 2,300 miles from a source of 1,420' on a spherical earth. Basic fact of a sphere, if you pick any two points on a sphere, the center of those two points will always be higher. If you draw an 8" circle, representing the alleged sphere earth cut in half along the Mississippi river. Next mark 2.3" along the circumference of that circle. Then draw 3 arrows, one at the beginning, one at the center and one at the end pointing to the center of the circle along the 2.3" line. These arrows represent alleged gravity pulling to the center of earth. You can clearly see the only way the river could flow is if alleged gravity were pulling from somewhere up in space. The obvious scale for this drawing is 1" equals 1,000 miles. Funny how you choose some alleged model to say this debunks everything. The earth has been proven stationary by the Michelson -Morley experiment, gyro...morescopes and accelerometers incorporated in smartphones. Earth is a realm, that is undeniable. Sadly you ignore tons of other evidence that clearly demonstrates the earth could not possibly be a sphere hurtling through space. It's ok you were conned right by what the media writes about meteorites being chondrites. Nothing falls to earth without being lifted from the earth by another force. If you drop something, it falls because you lifted it and dropped it. If the object is denser than its surroundings it will pass through. Sadly one day you may get a clue. Obviously friction plays a role, as in why a solid won't pass through another less dense solid. But really curved water and gravity,lol. Realize the real lies and you will see through real eyes. Otherwise keep drinking that good ol fluoridated water and be sure to get your flu shot.
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