The Fallout Of The Charlottesville Attack Is Escalation

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  • PoorlyReported reply First. Keep up the good work.
  • [ – ] PoorlyReported reply NBC is fake news, Fox is fake news. Tell me which one I am endorsing.... Also, Kekistanies and even Normies spread war porn memes on the regular. A lot of veterans have a high threshold for gallows humor, as well. If any idiot does something stupid very publicly it will be memed. The socialists do not own the memes of production. Civil war wasn't exclusively about slavery. I didn't join the U.S. Army to get me some Iraqi oil. I did it because my government asked me to. I should also note that, the Veterans Administration considers all Civil War veterans as U.S. service members. U.S. flags are placed on their graves on memorial day at participating cemetery. For clarity no outlet is 100% fake news. Even the onion and duffleblog gets it right once in a while by accident. The rest mostly really good, and important to get out there. Keep it up man. Might add that Fascism was created to resolve to problematic policies of Communism. Mussolini was a socialist "journalist" first. Hitler is...more way to complicated for a comment section, but it is similar enough to Italy to conflate them more or less.
    • [ – ] PoorlyReported parent reply Killing all the Communists would bring end to the rise of the Fascism, but with my "final solution" I think we can all be glad I am not making such decisions. More seriously, an increase in law enforcement or even military presence at these events would likely do it.
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