False Flag - Barcelona Van Attack

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  • Endeavor-Truth reply Just want to say that I am sorry that your video was taken down. Also, I love the calculator. I'm almost surprised that the gematrinator hasn't been taken down as it reveals a lot. Thank you for your work. =)
  • karenmcardle142 reply Thanks for sharing , you've definetly helped me decipher a lot of things, I just couldn't understand gematria, How I got into it , was I keep getting the numbers 1212,1313,1331,1:23, loads of others but I didn't have a clue , until I seen your Barcelona video & somit just clicked , I was gutted they removed it, as I was on the phone at the same time watching so couldn't give it my full attention, now I can pluck a sentence or word out & decipher for myself .& share my finding,s Thanks again 💐🌹🌺
  • digitalbroadcasts reply Derek, when you and Zach make big moves like this..., I need to get a memo! lol
  • Barni_Yamum reply 223, 133, 313, 227, 137... 360°-47°-90°-90°=133° 360°-47°-90°=223° 360°-47=313° 47°+90°=137° 47°+90°+90°=227°....
  • ZeroChronicles reply Well this is weird, i just checked numbers for the finland knife attack before watching this video. the perp nmae hans same gematria as skull and bones in reverse sumerian, 1212
  • [ – ] Barni_Yamum reply hahaha u really dont say ''bullshit'' out loud
  • [ – ] AmaterasuSolar reply Not sure You get the link to My 2 minute vid in honor of all the Ones being censored on YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCaqpw1P1QA
    • [ – ] Gematrinator_64 parent reply Thanks for this. People are beginning to see the absurdity.
      • [ – ] AmaterasuSolar parent reply Well, seeing the absurdity and making changes in Our behavior towards solving for the problem of psychopaths in control are two different things... I keep hoping Others will help share awareness of what I suggest We do, for at the moment, beyond withdrawing Our consent personally, it's about the only thing One can do as a rule. People may think I'm crazy to think We can do something, but surely, when enough of Us are discussing the option, We WILL make it happen. [smile]
        • [ – ] Gematrinator_64 parent reply You're exactly right. Some of the people I know are beginning to see, but I'm not getting the impression they give a lick. That's why I'll just keep doing the work.
          • AmaterasuSolar parent reply Well, I figure if all of Us who care offered the solution along with the evidence that We have psychopaths in control, We will reach the tipping point far faster than if it's just Me alone... [smile]
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