Signs of the Times - People Falling Away from God

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  • [ – ] MRFrogo reply Very nice video. You speak truth! Amen.
  • [ – ] amd-cpu reply i enjoy your chat room and your vidoes
  • [ – ] MylesKjennings reply Feels like this video was ment for me. Hit the nail right on the head.
  • [ – ] Denise1221 reply Praise God for you & your ministry brother are saving lives.Thankyou..
  • [ – ] ronnieandsteff reply I do brother
  • [ – ] Vettek reply You are doing WELL BROTHER LEVI. You are in my prayers. Your videos also help me to stay on the straight and narrow path as well as yourself. Thank you for your faithfulness.
  • [ – ] abeamer9793 reply God bless you brother. I'm thankful for ministries like this one. Everyone's growth patterns develop in different rates, and some struggle more than others. Even the so-called BEST christian out there has moments of struggling & ministries like this help people come back to reality to rely upon God instead of self-righteousness. We are to hold each other accountable. It is also good for a "seasoned" child of God to affiliate with young Christians of faith for 2 reasons. 1= to help them to grow & learn from the mistakes & 2= It is a refresher to gain that zeal back like a new babe in Christ has when they first accept Christ. This keeps everyone in check & for those that are willing to continue in fellowship with this ministry will be blessed.
  • [ – ] Lux_Aeterna reply Your videos have brought me back to Christ and have been vital to my spiritual growth. I need your teachings because the great majority of teachers are afraid to hurt someone's feelings - while you constantly call sins out that Christians are commiting and work with the Spirit towards salvation. I wish I could meet you in real life.
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