German Politician: "Global Warming responsible for Immigration of Africans"

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  • [ – ] Inaflap reply I've noticed there are vegetables and fruits from African nations sold in supermarkets in the UK. If global warming was causing people to migrate then it would be because they could not eat, yet a lot of food IS grown in parts of Africa. The reason African migrants are coming here is because A) Their smart phone Internet access has shown them Westerner's wealth. They've been shown a nice tasty pie, and they want a slice. B) Gaddafi was removed as part of the Arab Spring uprisings, so the route was made clear for sub-Saharans to reach the Mediterranean coastline. C) The EU political class actually wants these third world migrants.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply I fully agree with you. It is a plan to destabilize civilized countries, in my opinion. I think that is why they bring in these savages by the millions.
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