Making Monsters, only to Cry When Monsters Attack the Village #Charlottesville

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  • The_Next_Six_Minutes reply Leftists set the tone by de-platforming, beating people with sticks, attempted assassinations of public officials, and successful assassinations of police officers. What were they expecting to happen?
  • MitchTheRipper reply The so-called "Alt-Right," especially in this story, is just another bunch of identitarians fighting collectivists with collectivism. We should just start calling them the "Lower Left."
  • Ockhams_Cannon reply Imagine a group of children who have surrounded a dog. Maybe it's an ugly dog. Maybe it's a smelly and otherwise unpleasant dog but it has not attacked or hurt anyone. Further imagine that these children are throwing stones at the dog and poking it with sticks. Imagine that they are using urine and feces and chemicals and make shift flame throwers to torture the dog. Imagine that they have been torturing this dog for hours. Also imagine that the parents of these children and other adults are watching over the spectacle, but instead of curbing and correcting the children's behavior they are actually allowing it to happen. Even encouraging it. Finally imagine that the dog snaps under the stress and attacks one of the children.. Let's say that the child dies from the injuries. Tragic? Yes. Sad? Maybe. Surprised? Not even a little bit. Blame the dog? Not me. Because I'm not an idiot.
  • Mountainghost556 reply You seem to have a good grasp on the situation. This is not about any statue or group,this runs a lot deeper. This is about control, If you look at what is going on and peel back the layers you will start to connect the dots this is being engineered. The experiment has left the lab and is now walking amongst us. Everything from the state of emergency issued, police standing down,protesters bussed in with privet money, how the 2 sides were pushed in to one another ,a rapid response from the national gard that was seemingly laying low and just observing no there are no coincidences . This was planned and they did get several results 1. Violence, death and media coverage 2. Bring more heat and festoon more leftist anger at the president. They are quietly recruiting more radical leftist with this one. This was an actual win for the real people bank rolling this.
  • Sharpwing reply I feel that people used one tragedy to justify The Left Protestors being there. The police brigades literally boxed ANTIFA in with the other protestors and watched as all this happened. A sect of The Counter Protesters known as the patriots went on to explain this exact same story. Pointing out that the media pointed fingers at white supremacy as they always have over telling the truth that the mayor out of pure spite allowed this to happen the way it did and the Governor willingly demonized the people that came to protest. It's okay when the Left does it, but not okay when the right does it. Absolutely despicable.
  • Sharpwing reply Am I the only one who thought the guy who drove through that crowd of people wasn't part of the protest in any impactful way? That this incident was used to literally justify ANTIFA hurling rocks at these people? Which later that night is when the tiki torches showed up. Is it me or did ANIFA ask for it?
  • YoungByron reply I call the right and left out regardless of party and political views im saying this as a leftist but i didn't agree with what they did there.
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